Kids Savings Account

S is for Savings® – A kid-friendly bank account to help teach your child about saving, sharing and spending.

Features & Benefits

PNC's S is for Savings account helps young kids learn financial basics with tips from Sesame Workshop.

What you get:

  • Interactive online banking experience.
  • Interest on balances starting at $1.00.[1]
  • Unlimited deposits and up to 6 free withdrawals per monthly statement period.[2]
  • Convenient online and mobile access to manage your savings.[3,4]
  • Auto Savings to help build your account balance with automatic transfers from a PNC checking account.
  • FDIC insured to the maximum permitted by law.

What you need to know:

Fees & Requirements

  • Minimum deposit to open: $0
  • Monthly Service Charge of $5, or $0 if one of the following is met:
    • Account holder is under age 18.
    • Average monthly balance of $300.
    • At least one Auto Savings transfer of $25 or more each monthly statement period from your PNC checking account.

Service Charges & Fees

Account Agreements

Interactive Online Experience

Help your kid learn about and practice saving, sharing and spending money.

Sign into your PNC Online Banking and select the S is for Savings account. You will see a table with three jars: one for savings, one for sharing and one for spending. When you add money to the account, it appears on the table, where it's ready to be placed into any of the three jars, depending on how your kid wants to use it. As part of the experience, you and your kid can move money around as often as you like to reinforce the concepts of saving, sharing and spending.

Visit the Learning Center within the S is for Savings experience for financial basic tips from your favorite Sesame Street characters.

The Learning Center also includes a number of activities you and your kid can do together to build on the basic money concepts learned through the outreach initiative, For Me, for You, for Later: First Steps to Spending, Sharing, and Savings.

At PNC, we think starting early is important. And we're committed to helping kids start off right with financial education. That's why we offer tools to help you teach your kid basic money concepts.

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