PNC Able Now

PNC Able Now 

A way to save, invest, and pay
for qualified disability expenses.

PNC Supports ABLEnow®

Eligible individuals can save up to $18,000 a year without endangering certain means-tested benefits critical to their health and well-being.

What is ABLEnow?

An Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account is a tax-advantaged savings account for individuals with disabilities, providing a new way to save, invest, and pay for qualified disability expenses without jeopardizing eligibility for certain means-tested benefit programs.

PNC is dedicated to the financial inclusion of individuals with disabilities, and has teamed up with a national leader in 529 savings accounts to bring the ABLEnow program to life.

ABLEnow Features & Benefits

Available Nationwide

ABLEnow accounts are offered by the Commonwealth Savers Plan and are available nationwide to eligible U.S. citizens and legal residents regardless of state residency. ​

Works with Other Aid

Generally, you can have an ABLEnow account alongside other benefit programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).[1]


 ABLEnow accounts are designed to be flexible – easy to manage, easy to contribute to, and easy to use. You can pay for a range of qualified disability expenses[2] with your ABLEnow card at no additional cost.

Tax Advantaged Savings

Earnings grow free from federal taxes and distributions are tax-free, if funds are spent on qualified disability expenses.[2] Some states may offer state tax incentives.

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ABLEnow is tailored to meet the needs of the disability community with an easy-to-use debit card for daily expenses, auto-sweep functionality for maximizing investment ease, and the ability for family and friends to contribute.

Who is Eligible?

Individuals who developed the onset of their disability before the age 26 may be eligible to open an ABLEnow account. 

Take the Eligibility Quiz to see if you or someone you know qualifies. 


Additional ABLEnow Features

  • Customers receive a debit card at no additional cost.
  • Applications may only be opened online through ABLEnow's verified website:


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About ABLEnow

For too long, people with disabilities could not save for the future out of fear of losing their benefits. Advocates fought hard to change this, resulting in the federal ABLE Act and the ABLEnow program.

ABLEnow accounts are made possible by the Stephen Beck Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014, considered the most significant federal legislation to address the needs of persons with disabilities since the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ABLE Act authorized states to establish tax-advantaged savings programs for individuals with disabilities.

Visit Official ABLEnow Website

Frequently Asked Questions 

Money in your ABLEnow account may be used to pay for Qualified Disability Expenses. An expense is “qualified" if:

  1. You incurred the expense at a time you were considered an “Eligible Individual;”
  2. The expense relates to your disability; and
  3. The expense helps you maintain or improve your health, independence or quality of life.

Each person is unique and the needs of individuals can vary depending on the disability, circumstances and specific treatment.

ABLEnow accounts may be used to pay for a variety of expenses related to maintaining the Eligible Individual’s health, independence and quality of life. The major categories of expenses include:

  • Basic Living Expenses
  • Health and Wellness
  • Housing
  • Financial Management
  • Transportation
  • Education and Training
  • Assistive Technology
  • Legal Fees

An ABLEnow account is disregarded when determining certain federal benefit eligibility with the following two exceptions for individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI):

  1. For the purpose of determining eligibility for SSI, money in an ABLEnow account in excess of $100,000 is considered an asset to the individual with a disability and may cause SSI benefits to be reduced or suspended. An account balance up to and including $100,000 is disregarded.
  2. A withdrawal that will be used for a housing expense but that is not spent in the same calendar month is considered an asset to the individual with a disability and may cause SSI benefits to be reduced or suspended.

Annual contributions to an ABLEnow account are currently limited to $18,000. Working account owners who do not participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan may be eligible to contribute above the annual ABLE contribution limit.

The cumulative ABLEnow account value limit is currently $550,000.



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