PNC Home Lending Solutions for AT&T  Employees

Our experienced team will provide you with an easy and streamlined process, while offering you home financing solutions that meet your needs.

Affinity Program offers Employees additional benefits

$500 credit applied to closing costs (including third party fees) or a rate buy down (points) or a combination of the two up to a total of $500, not to exceed closing cost.

How PNC Can Help

The Right Loan for your Situation

PNC offers a variety of home lending programs to fit a wide range of long-term and short-term financing goals. A PNC Mortgage Loan Officer will explain the options available and the benefits of each.

Simplified Pre-Approval Services

If you are pre-approved for a home loan, you have greater negotiating power, letting agents and sellers know your purchase offer is valid and backed by a true commitment to lend.

Lending available in all 50 states

As a full-service lender, PNC provides services wherever you are located.

Find a Home

Try the Home Insight® Planner

Home Insight® Planner helps you find the home that fits you and your budget. Planner takes your actual budget & spending habits into account, so you can be confident that you’re making the best decisions for your future. Let Planner help you determine a mortgage payment that you can afford, so you can begin shopping for homes with real-time rates and loan products.

With Planner you can:

  • Get greater insight into your finances so you can find a home based on their unique budget and lifestyle. 
  • Explore an all-in-one online experience connecting budgets, rates and products resulting in a customized home affordability summary. 
  • Search homes for sale in your desired area.

Purchasing a Home

Are You Ready to Get Pre-Approved?

Your can start the pre-approval process from any computer or mobile device by providing details about your assets, income, current living situation and how much you plan to put down on a new home. 

With a Pre-Approval from PNC:

  • Shop for a home with confidence, knowing that you have a firm lending commitment. 
  • Show sellers and agents that you're a serious buyer. 
  • Streamline your home search by looking at homes in your price range.

We're Here to Help

Talk with a Dedicated Mortgage Loan Officer about your options.

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Talk with a Dedicated Mortgage Loan Officer about your options.

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