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Discover the Benefits of a Digital Mortgage Pre-Approval:


Set a Realistic Budget

Knowing how much you can afford will help you search for homes in your price range.


Show You're a Serious Buyer

A pre-approval shows real estate agents and sellers that you're qualified for a mortgage.

Gain Peace of Mind

Shop for a home with confidence knowing you have a firm commitment to lend.


Getting a pre-approval from PNC is now easier.

We live in an age where you can order groceries, catch a ride share or stream your favorite show with the click of a button. Why does your mortgage need to be stuck in the dark ages? Introducing PNC's digital pre-approval.

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Comfortable on your couch? Don't leave it.

Get pre-approved, online, from almost anywhere and on any device. You'll need to provide basic info about you and your co-borrower, if applicable. We'll also ask you to provide details about your borrowing needs such as where you're looking to purchase, how much you'd like to borrow and your down payment amount. 

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Save Time & Effort.

We'll provide you the opportunity to electronically verify your income, assets and employment. No need to provide any documentation at this point.

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Not Pre-Approved? No Worries.

If we’re unable to electronically verify your income, assets or employment, we may still be able to provide you with a preliminary pre-approval, which will give you a good idea of what you may be qualified to borrow.

Preliminary Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Approval.

A preliminary pre-approval tells you what you may qualify to borrow when the time comes to apply for a mortgage. A pre-approval goes a step further - by verifying your financial information, we're able to provide you with a firm lending commitment that tells you exactly what you're qualified to borrow. For most pre-approval inquiries, this process can take an estimated 20-30 minutes to complete. Both are beneficial when you're ready to get serious with your home search. 


View the chart below to see the differences between preliminary pre-approval and pre-approval. 

  Pre-Approval Preliminary Pre-Approval
Firm Commitment to Lend Yes No
Digital Verification of Employment  
Digital Verification of Income  
Digital Verification of Assets  
Manually Enter Employer Information  
Manually Enter Income  
Manually Enter Assets  

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Important Legal Disclosures and Information

Borrower must satisfy pre-approval conditions outlined in commitment letter. Final loan approval and amount are subject to verification of loan data, property appraisal and underwriting conditions. 

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