General Mortgage Transfer Timeline

The tables below identify the anticipated dates that servicing functionality will become available for your recently transferred PNC Mortgage.

Please refer to the Notice of Servicing transfer to find your servicing transfer date
(located in the first line of the letter).

General Transfer Dates


Payment Channel Anticipated Availability (Following your servicing transfer date)
Mailed Payments Immediately
Branch, Online, IVR or Phone Payments 4 Business Days



Self-Service Access

Self-Service Platform Anticipated Availability (Following your servicing and transfer date)
Automated Phone System (IVR) 3 Business Days
Online Banking (for accounts with a registered phone number capable of receiving a One-Time Passcode) 4 Business Days
Online Banking User IDs mailed (for customers not using One-Time Passcode) 4 Business Days
Online Banking PIN mailed (for customers not using One-Time Passcode) 5 Business Days

Automated Payments (ACH)

If your Notice of Servicing Transfer letter indicated that your Automated Payment Draft will migrate to PNC, please note that your first Automated Payment Draft may be delayed by up to 7 business days.
Future Automated Payments will draft on the scheduled date. If your scheduled due date falls on a weekend or holiday, your automated payment will be scheduled to transfer from your deposit account on the following business day, but will still be credited to your account as of the due date.
Please do not make additional payments during this time, unless you intend to make additional principal payments, as doing so could result in a duplication of payments on your account.


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