RefiNow™ and Refi Possible™ with PNC Bank

PNC is offering new Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac refinance programs that may make it easier for you to access more savings than ever before.

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Program Details

RefiNow™ & Refi Possible™ with PNC

  • Eligible borrowers can save between $1,200 and $3,000 per year.
  • Lower costs can also include a credit up to $500 for your appraisal fee, if an appraisal is required.
  • Expanded eligibility requirements.

Is RefiNow™ or Refi Possible™ Right for You?

  • Your current mortgage must be backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Use Fannie Mae’s lookup tool or Freddie Mac's lookup tool to see if your loan qualifies.
  • Mortgage must be secured by a one-unit Primary Residence.
  • The Mortgaged Premises must be an attached or detached dwelling, a unit in a Condominium Project or Planned Unit Development.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Your current income must be at or below 100% of the Area Median Income. 
  • You cannot have missed a mortgage payment in the past six months, and no more than one missed mortgage payment in the past 12 months.
  • You’ll need a minimum 620 FICO score, a mortgage with a loan-to-value ratio up to 97%, and a debt-to-income ratio of 65% or less.