PNC Investments' Approach to Advice & Planning

Providing you with a blueprint for your financial well-being

Building Your Financial Future From the Ground Up

At PNC Investments (PNCI), we’re committed to your financial well-being. This means helping you understand what it is you wish to achieve financially, and providing the tools and guidance to help put your goals within reach.

But before you can construct a financial plan that’s strong enough to support your goals - and flexible enough to weather periods of shaky market conditions - you first need a strong foundation. That’s where a Financial Advisor enters the picture. A PNCI Financial Advisor will work alongside you to help you understand your short-term needs, long-term goals, time horizon, tolerance for risk and more. This is the foundation of the PNCI financial planning process, allowing your Financial Advisor to provide personalized investment advice, and helping you to make informed decisions.


The Pillars of Your Financial Plan

With an understanding of what it is you’re looking to achieve - the foundation of your financial plan - your PNCI Financial Advisor can begin recommending specific strategies and offering tailored guidance to address four key pillars:

1. Accumulation: Think of accumulation as the process of gathering the resources you need to finance a future goal, like retirement, education or another large purchase. Accumulation will likely involve ongoing, active money management, and may consist of a combination of managed accounts, brokerage accounts and more.

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2. Retirement Solutions: Retirement solutions includes various strategies designed to help create a stable source of income as you transition from accumulating assets to living off of them. Your Financial Advisor will also look to provide you with insight into strategies that may allow for tax-deferral, guaranteed income and levels of principal protection.

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3. Protection Planning: Protection planning typically involves utilizing various forms of insurance - life insurance, long-term care, etc. - to help safeguard your family and the assets you’ve worked to accumulate. Without these plans in place, an untimely accident or illness could have a significant impact on your financial future.

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4. Tactical Solutions: This area of focus involves products and strategies designed to complement your core holdings. Tactical solutions are designed to help deliver diversification while also providing a combination of downside protection, defense against market volatility and even hedging strategies.

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The Importance of Staying the Course

Financial planning is a long-term process. With your plan in place, your Financial Advisor will work diligently to help maintain what you’ve built and keep you on track toward your goals.

This will include ongoing conversations and may involve systematically rebalancing your investments, adjusting your approach over time and more.

The key to financial planning, however, is simply to stick to the plan you have in place.

At PNC Investments, our focus is on your long-term financial well-being. You can invest confidently knowing your Financial Advisor will reach out to you regularly to review your plan, and to help confirm it continues to remain aligned with your unique needs and goals.

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