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Life Insurance

For many, life insurance is a critical component of an overall financial plan, and selecting the right amount of coverage and policy type can be a challenge. As with all investments, it’s important to monitor life insurance policies to determine if they’re helping you to achieve your financial goals. PNC Investments can provide you with a no-cost policy review to help confirm you’re receiving the best possible value.

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Key Features
Safeguard your Assets

Protect your income and efficiently transfer assets to your heirs

Alignment with
Financial Plans

Confirm that policies support your financial goals, including your retirement plan, business plan and estate plan

Side-by-side Policy Comparison

PNC Investments can assess your evolving needs, coverage and costs to help you make an appropriate selection

Life Insurance: Part of Your Financial Portfolio

Insurance can play a key role in a comprehensive financial plan. In fact, many plans may not be complete without it. Consider the following:

  • If you were to pass away, would your family have the necessary resources to maintain the lifestyle they’re accustomed to?
  • What would happen to the children’s plans for college?
  • Could your family afford the mortgage left behind on your home?
  • How long would your dependents require support after your passing?

Additionally, life insurance may play an integral role in:

  • Retirement planning. The cash value account of permanent life insurance generally grows tax-deferred, and can be used to help grow your resources for retirement while also providing a life insurance benefit to your family.
  • Business planning. Life insurance may provide the capital necessary to replace and train a key employee whose death could negatively affect business. It may also be used as a business succession tool, helping to transfer ownership of your business according to your will upon your passing.
  • Estate planning. Life insurance can be used to establish a trust, define your legacy, set up an annuity, fund a charity of your choice, and much more.

Understanding Life Insurance

Keep your life insurance on track by asking these five questions.

Find a PNC Location near you and stop by to see us.

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