A Letter of Instructions to My Family

Don't leave your loved ones guessing. Use this family organizer to help put everyone on the same page.

Aging parents often want to talk to their adult children about their preferences and planning, but these conversations can be difficult. At the same time, adult children may find themselves unsure about their parents' wishes and where to find important paperwork.

That's why so many people find value in this Letter of Instructions to My Family. This letter brings together critical information to help guide decision-making.

Even if you've discussed your wishes with someone, having your thoughts in writing can head off disagreements about what you really want and help make it easier for your family at this difficult time.

Letter of Instructions

Download this document now and fill in details such as:

  • Whether you want to be cremated or buried
  • What type of funeral or memorial you would like
  • Where you'd like memorial gifts sent
  • Where to find your will, personal records and financial accounts.

Tell your family about the letter, keep a copy on your computer desktop, and place a printed copy in an easy-to-find place. Your loved ones will be grateful for it.


Take these actions:

  1. Download the Letter of Instructions
  2. Complete and print/save the letter
  3. Share with appropriate family members

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