Capital Directions®

Offered by PNC Investments

Capital Directions is a unified managed account program designed for clients who prefer to consolidate and manage investments in an efficient, single account structure.


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Key Features


Streamline the investing process by integrating separately managed accounts, mutual funds and ETFs in one account

Professional Approach

PNC Investments employs a disciplined asset allocation process and ongoing manager and fund due diligence


Day-to-day investment decisions are made on your behalf by professional investment advisors


  • Minimum account size: $50,000
  • Comprehensive investment program may include a combination of separately managed accounts, mutual funds and ETFs
  • Allows you to simplify your portfolio by consolidating investments in an efficient, single-account structure
  • Program provides for a diversified asset allocation
  • Leverage a professionally screened list of investment managers and funds
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing
  • Consolidated reporting for added convenience and efficiency, including: one monthly statement, one comprehensive performance report (quarterly) and one consolidated year-end tax summary
  • Tax management opportunities

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