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Use these calculators, interactive tools and resources to help assess your situation and learn tips to stay on track towards achieving your short- and long-term financial goals. Then, start a conversation with PNC Investments (PNCI) about how you can take action. We’re here to help.

Retirement Calculator

Time to complete: ~5 min.

Determine if you're investing enough to meet your retirement income needs.
Assess your situation

Retirement Lifestyle Planner

Time to complete: ~5 min.

See how different scenarios may impact the lifestyle you want to live in retirement.
Start planning

Debt & Retirement Analyzer

Time to complete: ~5 min.

Evaluate your debt to see the impact it may have on your retirement goals.
Analyze your debt

IRA Selection Tool

Time to complete: ~3 min.

Determine your IRA eligibility and calculate a projected account value at retirement.
Compare IRAs

Emergency Fund Calculator

Time to complete: ~3 min.

Do you know how much you need to have set aside for emergencies?
Find out what you'll need

Budget Worksheet

Time to complete: ~3 min.

Have you created a budget that includes investing for retirement?
Begin by creating a monthly budget

Additional Guidance & Resources

To help expand your knowledge-base and invest with confidence

Anyone investing toward a long-term goal is nearly guaranteed to experience a down market at some point or another.

- Rich Ramassini, CFP®
Senior Vice President | PNC Investments