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Professionals such as architects, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, engineers and consultants often find that cash flow varies as demand fluctuates and customers change. We can help keep your business - and your cash flow - at its best.

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Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

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Professional service providers face many common challenges - such as unpredictable cash flow cycles and greater demands on your time.

Through unique banking programs like PNC Advantage for Professional Services, we can help you manage these stresses so you can focus on what's important - fulfilling your clients' needs and building your business. We are ready to listen to your story because every professional services business is different.

Improving Cash Flow Cycles

Professionals such as architects, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, engineers and consultants often find that cash flow varies as demand fluctuates and customers change. We can help keep your business - and your cash flow - at its best. From accelerating receivables to monitoring and projecting cash, we'll help you find the best combination of products to help your business grow.

Understand, Project, Act

The health of your business depends on your ability to analyze performance and confidently make decisions that will help you achieve your goals. With Cash Flow InsightSM, you can visualize your cash flow week-to-week, month-to-month and even year-to-year with innovative views so you can see trends that may help with future projections. See how it works »

Challenges of the Service Environment

You know the value of building customer relationships. So do we. That's why PNC takes the time to research the needs of professional service providers. Our Business Bankers work closely with professional organizations and customers to understand how market trends and economic factors impact service businesses. Our understanding of the challenges facing service providers makes us even more committed to helping you achieve your short- and long-term business and personal financial goals. Whether you want to offer your clients faster payment methods or are thinking about investing to expand your business, we're here to help.  Download Solutions Sheet »

PNC Solutions for Accountants

We understand that cash flow can vary as demand fluctuates and your customer base changes. For example, accounting professionals often must leverage an influx of receivables after the tax-time rush to manage their business expenses throughout the rest of the year. PNC's tailored solutions for Accountants can assist. Our tailored services help you better manage unpredictable cash flow cycles by simplifying everyday transactions and addressing long-term investment goals. By giving you the ability to effectively and continuously make the best use of your cash flow, we'll help you better understand the details like never before.  Learn more »

PNC Solutions for Attorneys

From handling daily transactions to investing for the future, PNC offers solutions for attorneys that provide a solid foundation for improving cash flow. Your PNC Business Banker can recommend a custom banking program to satisfy your requirements, including solutions to help you accelerate the collection of receivables, ensure access to credit, and improve the ways you make payments. Your PNC Banker has industry experience, knowledge and solutions to help optimize the cash flow for your business, and for your clients’ businesses.  Learn more »

Start with the Right Business Checking Account

It's easy to get started. PNC offers business checking accounts with features for the needs of both the self-employed professional and larger service firms.

Tools and Resources


Increase Your Cash Flow in Two Years

How Smart Business Owners Will Double Their Cash Through 2019

Exclusive Free Webinar
Guest Speaker: Gene Marks, Nationally Recognized Management Expert

Hear Gene Marks, whose The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and The Huffington Post columns on management are read weekly by hundreds of thousands of owners of small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Gene’s columns, presentations and frequent appearances on Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC are thought-provoking and entertaining.

During this presentation, Gene covered the latest trends, techniques and tactics used by smart business owners and managers to maximize their cash flow, including:

  • Key internal and external metrics
  • Which financial statement benchmarks and reports work the best
  • Techniques for creating budgets and forecasts
  • How smart managers manage payables and receivables to make the best use of their cash float
  • The latest technologies, websites, tools and services for cash management
  • Thoughts and best practices for increasing open accounts receivable collection and customer management

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Video Perspectives

Q&A with Barbara Corcoran

Hello! I’m a businesswoman, investor, author, television personality, and a straight shooter!

What business owner or executive wouldn’t love to pick Barbara Corcoran’s brain about the nitty-gritty of running a company? Or how she advises the people she partners with in her new investments?


Listen and learn from these three Q&A sessions with Barbara Corcoran.

  • Managing Your Cash Flow
  • Planning for Retirement as a Business Owner
  • Dealing With Unexpected Costs

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Career Insights: Videos for Women in Business

This collection of short videos features words of wisdom from successful business women who have been featured in various programs sponsored by PNC. These videos will be updated periodically to provide you fresh perspectives for furthering your business and career opportunities.

PNC and The Committee of 200 ( collaborated to celebrate Women’s History Month by hosting a lively panel discussion on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and career advancement to work/life balance.

Spend a few minutes learning from the profound and often funny experiences encountered on the road to the executive suite.

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Business Insights eNews for Professional Services

Stay on top of the latest accounting and legal industry news with Business Insights for Professional Services. This educational e-publication covers industry hot topics such as sales and marketing, industry news and provides suggestions for improved business management.

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Considering Future Leaders

Duration: 0:4:08
Professionals and partners who manage their own legal or accounting firms may eventually cede day-to-day management responsibilities as they grow their practices. But will they know who on their staff handle the managerial responsibility? This podcast will help listeners evaluate leadership potential in their ranks with four insightful questions.


Strategies For Smarter Teamwork

Duration: 0:4:14
Learn smart ways to improve the team dynamics in your accounting or legal firm. Strategies explored in this podcast include giving teams clear objectives; creating the right team size for the task; defining roles and responsibilities; giving every team member a voice; and using rewards as incentives.


Three Tips to Expand Your Reach

Duration: 0:4:14
No matter how skilled you are at developing clients in your area, you may get to a point when the local market simply isn’t big enough to accommodate further growth. Fortunately, the online economy enables smaller firms to reach out to new customers in ways once open only to major companies. Here are a few tips to develop a strategy for extending your reach.


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