Cash Flow Insight®

A suite of cash flow management tools available in PNC Online Banking.

Transition Your Business from Physical to Virtual

Cash Flow Insight is designed to help you monitor and plan your cash flow, send invoices via email, get paid online and digitally manage payables. Learn more about how Cash Flow Insight can help you navigate the current business environment.


Manage Your Business’s Cash Flow with Efficiency, Control & Insight

See Your Business Performance

  • Monitor your cash flow throughout the month and year
  • Quickly view your total incoming and outgoing cash to see your cash position 

Plan for What's Coming

  • Schedule payments online and see how they impact your projected balance.
  • Know about your cash shortfalls ahead of time and take action by scheduling bill payments, sending invoice reminders, and making transfers.

Track Your Expenses

  • See where you're spending your money and compare to prior months.
  • Analyze your checking and credit card transactions by business category.

Plan & Manage

Key Features & Benefits of Cash Flow Insight[1]

Included at No Cost With Eligible PNC Business Checking Accounts

Forecast & Plan

  • Visualize the impact of your actual and projected transactions.
  • Manage your short-term forecast and set a threshold to identify potential shortfalls.
  • Scenario plan for this year and next year, track how you're doing, and build future plans to achieve your goals.
  • Compare your cash position month to month and year over year.

See Expenses On the Go

  • Track Spending activities for all of your PNC business checking accounts and PNC business credit cards.
  • View Spending by Business Category, month over month.
  • Monitor employee spending through their business checking and business credit card expenditures.
  • Track and export your business checking and business credit card transactions for business purposes and financial planning.

Forecast Credit Card Statement

  • Automatically forecast your PNC Business Credit Card payment when your statement is available
  • Set up your preference to forecast minimum due, statement balance, or an amount of your choice.  
Cash Flow

Try Cash Flow Insight Payables, Receivables and Accounting Software Sync at No Cost for 60 Days.[2]

Pay & Get Paid

Add-On Features & Benefits[3,4]


  • Clear bills from your desk with online document management and unlimited storage.
  • Manage payment decisions with organized approval processes.
  • See the impact to your cash flow with each payment decision.
  • Connect with your vendors online and pay them electronically.


  • Spend less time creating invoices with customized templates.
  • Know your cash position with each invoice and scheduled payment.
  • Get paid online through a website branded with your logo.
  • Stay connected with customers through auto-reminders and online messaging.

Secure Payments

  • Pay any vendor via ACH.
  • No need to share bank information, invite your vendors to join the payment network.
  • Or, we can print and mail a check for you – masking your account information with positive pay review built in.


  • Customize or choose a pre-set invoice template.
  • Set up recurring invoices and automatic reminders.
  • Customers can authorize you to automatically charge their bank account.


  • Set up users to route bills for approval, set up approval policies, and review & approve bills online.
  • Email notifications are sent when bills are ready to be approved and when ready to pay.

Branded Payment Portal

  • A branded payment website allows your customer to see their invoice history, make payments, view shared documents, and send messages.
  • Customers can review and pay invoices from any device and set up auto-pay for recurring invoices.

Accounting Software Sync

  • Save time by syncing vendor, customer, bill, invoice and payment information between Cash Flow Insight and your accounting software like QuickBooks®, Xero®, Intacct®, NetSuite® and more.[5]

Document Management

  • Store bills, receipts, contracts, photos, or other business documents and access conveniently, all in one place.
  • Organize documents by vendor, customer or within folders.
  • Email, scan and upload, or drag & drop documents from your computer to your document inbox.


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Cash Flow Insight

Cash Flow Insight with Payables Receivables

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Cash Flow Insight complements your accounting system to integrate and record current payment data of your customers and/or vendors, while helping to simplify your account reconcilement.

Yes. You can set-up a specific role for each individual, entitling what actions can be created and/or approved for processing payments and managing your business’s cash flow.

Payables helps to enhance your current process by capturing (scan or email) and storing your bills and contract documentation in Online Banking. From there, authorize and route the payment for approval and increase security with check payments and/or offer electronic payments to more vendors/suppliers. Compare online experiences

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