PNC Solutions for Retail Businesses & Restaurants

Retail Businesses & Restaurants are Exciting & Energizing Endeavors

But the unique challenges you face can make it hard to control cash and be financially prepared for the unexpected. To help you meet the requirement of a fast-paced retail and restaurant operation, PNC offers solutions that help you optimize cash flow so you have more time and resources to address the opportunities of the day. Our convenient digital tools allow you to bank when and where you like.

What We Do

Let us help you power your progress. Talk to us about your retail or restaurant business, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there. Your PNC Business Banker will identify key components of your business that affect your cash flow and capital investment cycle, and help you select the options best suited for your needs.

Help You Effectively Optimize Cash Flow

  • Accelerate the collection of receivables.
  • Improve the ways you make payments.
  • Leverage digital tools for access and reporting.

Offer Capital Solutions That Work for Your Business

  • Support your company's short and longer-term financing needs.
  • Explore options for investing excess cash.

Help You Mitigate Potential Risks to Protect Your Business

  • Provide tools to combat fraud.
  • Offer solutions to mitigate interest rate risk and cash flow volatility.

Offer Solutions for Your Personal Finances

  • Personal checking and credit card solutions.
  • Investment and retirement planning.
  • Mortgages for your home financing needs.

Provide Benefits for Your Employees

  • Retirement plan services.
  • Financial education seminars.
  • Online financial education tools.

We Support a Variety of Sizes & Types of Retailers & Restaurants

PNC Solutions for Retail Businesses isn't just designed for smaller retailers. We can also meet the sophisticated financial needs of more complex businesses, such as larger retail businesses and franchise operations.

As your business grows, you can rely on us for a wide range of leading-edge financial services solutions, including robust Treasury Management services, business-to-business solutions, sophisticated online reporting, and extensive employee services.

Have a Cash Flow Conversation

Our PNC Bankers are eager to listen to your story because every retail business or restaurant is different. We want to hear about how your business operates, where you want to take your business, the opportunities and challenges you face, your aspirations and what drives you.

Get the details on cash flow solutions and retail-oriented products and services we offer to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

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