Lessons In Leadership

Focusing on how women built their careers, this series provides
advice to aspiring leaders, from women in leadership positions.

Berenice Tenorio

Supporting Young Women with Scholarship Programs

Nuestra Cocina
Elk Grove Village, IL

I am proud to give back to my community by supporting scholarship programs, and I talk with young women about education every chance I get. When I’m speaking with young Latinas in particular, I remind them that Hispanics will make up 30% of the U.S. population by 2050, and that they are the future of this country. They need to seek educational opportunities today, because tomorrow they will be called upon to be leaders and game-changers across our communities.

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Judy Romano

How Can Leaders Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

Sage North America
Atlanta, GA

Judy has always aimed to create a safe space for her team, where everyone can feel free to share their work or personal challenges without repercussions. This culture of openness and support drives connection, engagement, confidence and resilience. People remain committed because you provide that space for them to bring their whole selves to the job.

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Camille Burns

Why Supporting Women Business Leaders Is so Important

Women Presidents Organization
New York, NY

I love supporting women in their companies and raising the visibility of women who are running big, successful companies. It’s gratifying to watch the trajectory of women who have come into our organization and know that the relationships they’ve built at WPO play a big part in their success.

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