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Keep the car you love, but lower your payments.
At PNC, auto refinancing is easy[1].

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Key Features

Refinance at a
Lower Interest Rate

You'll enjoy lower car payments[1] [2]
in the process.

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Apply for a refinance auto loan[1]
online, by phone or at a branch.

Get 0.25% Off Your Rate

Interest rate discount comes with maintaining automatic payment via a new or existing PNC Checking account.[3]

How Refinancing an Auto Loan Works

Step 1 — Research

Research current refinance rates and estimating a monthly payment.

Step 2 — Apply

Apply for a refinance auto loan[1] online, by phone or at a branch.

Step 3 — Pay Your Existing Loan Off

Close at a PNC branch and receive your check that same day. Or, have the documents sent overnight to your home; then once you return your signed documents, receive your check overnight[4].

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Tools & Calculators

Looking for how much car you can afford? Comparing the costs of a new vs. used vehicle? Use our auto loan calculators to understand your options and help you decide.

How to Apply for a Auto Loan

Find out what's involved in the car buying process — from the ways you can apply, to a list of everything you'll need for your application.

Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. Credit is subject to approval.

  2. Refinancing at a longer repayment term may lower your car payment, but may also increase the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Refinancing at a shorter repayment term may increase your car payment, but may lower the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Contact us to discuss the option that best meets your needs.

  3. The rates we advertise include the 0.25% automatic payment discount. Discount only applicable as long as payments are set up for automatic deduction from a PNC Checking account. The removal of any discount, such as auto deduction or employee, will increase the rate.

  4. Certain restrictions and conditions apply.  May exclude weekends and holidays.

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