Affordable Lending Solutions

Find out if you could be eligible for a specialized program at PNC based on your income.

A Home is More Than a Place to Live

PNC offers products and programs designed to help make the homebuying process more affordable for qualifying customers.[1] These programs may be for you if you:

  • Need closing cost assistance or down payment assistance.[2]
  • Have a lower FICO credit score
  • Can only afford a low or minimal down payment

Options that Help Make Owning a Home a Reality

PNC has many options – including for customers with credit scores as low as 620. We have more flexible debt vs. income limits, loan options without mortgage insurance, and options with no down payment or out-of-pocket expenses.

We also offer Rural & USDA, FHA, VA programs and more. A home can be the foundation for financial security, a family legacy and a sense of having a true stake in a community. That’s why PNC offers a variety of solutions designed to help make owning a home an affordable reality.

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Mortgage Calculators

Comparing loan options? Just looking for how much you can borrow? Use our home lending calculators to understand your financing options and help you decide.

How Much Can I Afford?

How Much Should I Put Down on a New Home?

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