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  1. Credit is subject to approval. Certain restrictions and conditions apply.

*The property securing the CHELOC must be located in a state where PNC offers home equity products. PNC does not offer the CHELOC product in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada and South Dakota.

The digital application requires the assistance of a Mortgage Loan Officer.  After the first part of the application process is complete, a PNC Mortgage Loan Officer will reach out to finish the remainder of the application.

Borrower must satisfy pre-approval conditions outlined in commitment letter. Final loan approval and amount are subject to verification of loan data, property appraisal and underwriting conditions.

'Search for Homes' is available only after completing a Household Profile and Building a Budget.

In addition to any required title insurance, you are required to carry property insurance on the property that secures your account. Flood insurance may be required. Your payments on this account do not include taxes or insurance.

This account includes an option to establish a Fixed Rate Part for terms ranging from 5 to 30 years. Payments include principal and interest amounts based on a level amortization schedule designed to fully repay the Fixed Rate Part amount at the end of the term selected.

Applicable Fixed Rate Part APRs will vary and are based on the index value for fixed-rate options in effect at the time a Fixed Rate Part is established; and a margin value based on your credit qualifications, the repayment term of the Fixed Rate Part, the amount of the transfer, the property type, loan to value, lien position and whether you elect the automatic payment feature from a PNC checking account established at the time of application. Once a Fixed Rate Part is established, the APR for that Part will not change. The minimum amount to establish a Fixed Rate Part is $5,000. Principal repayments during the Draw Period replenish the available credit line and are available for future draws.

Your rate may also be higher or lower as rates are subject to change at any time based on market conditions or other business factors including changes in benchmark interest rates. Call 1-833-353-0111 to obtain the most up to date rates available in your market.

The Fixed Rate Part rates and payments displayed are for new customers only. Existing CHELOC customers can consult their Line of Credit Agreement or find their Fixed Rate Part rates at

Texas Choice Home Equity Lines of Credit can only be secured by a primary residence designated as homestead property and can not exceed 80% combined loan to value of that property. Fees not applicable for accounts secured by Texas property include: Annual Fee and the reimbursement of any closing costs paid on borrower behalf by PNC Bank if customer closes the line of credit within 36 months of account opening. Minimum draw in Texas is $4,000. Choice Home Equity Lines of Credit secured by Texas property are not eligible for a VISA Choice Access Card and will be sent access checks upon request. PNC cannot use a customer’s home equity funds to pay (in part or in full) PNC non-homestead debt at account opening.

Final loan approval and amount are subject to verification of loan data, property appraisal and underwriting conditions.

Refinancing at a longer repayment term may lower your mortgage payment, but may also increase the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Refinancing at a shorter repayment term may increase your mortgage payment, but may lower the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Contact us to discuss the option that best meets your needs.

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