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Undergraduate Loans

Need Help Paying For School?


For undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half time in a degree or certificate program.[1]

Cover your College Expenses with a PNC Solution Loan®

Get ready for the upcoming school year with a PNC Solution Loan, a private student loan designed to fill the gap when government loans and financial aid don't cover all of your expenses.

Rates As Low As...
1.96% Variable APR* 3.69% Fixed APR*
Rates include a 0.50% discount available for automated payment.[2]


Enjoy the benefits of having an undergraduate loan with PNC:

  • Customizable payment plans. Choose from flexible and affordable repayment options.
  • Cosigner release options availble.[3]
  • Manage your application with ease. Apply through our convenient online application. No application fees or origination fees.[4]
  • Get the money you need. Cover the cost of tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel and other expenses. 

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Financial knowledge and help with finances can improve your college experience. Here's a chance to get both. Learn more » [5]

Graduate & Professional Loans

Several Loan Options Designed To Fit Your Needs

For graduate or professional students who are enrolled at least half time in a degree or certificate program.[1]

Rates As Low As...
1.96% Variable APR* 3.49% Fixed APR*
Rates include a 0.50% discount available for automated payment.[2]


Graduates &

For graduate students seeking an advanced degree.

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Health & Medical Professions

For undergraduate and graduate students in a health-related field.

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Health Professions Residency

For MD, DDS, DO and DVM residents to cover interview and relocation.

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For law students to cover the costs of the bar exam.

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Education Refinancing

Refinance Existing Loans With PNC

Refinancing can be an opportunity to lower your monthly payments, pay off your loan quicker, or
reduce your overall interest expense.[1][6]

Refinance with PNC

A PNC Education Refinance Loan (PERL) can help you manage student loan debt with a better rate, lower monthly payment and the flexibility to adjust your term.

Rates As Low As...
2.22% Variable APR* 3.44% Fixed APR*
Rates include a 0.50% discount available for automated payment.[2]


Enjoy the benefits of refinancing with PNC.

  • Customizable payment plans. Choose from flexible and affordable repayment options.
  • Manage your application with ease. Apply through our convenient online application. No application fees or origination fees.[4]
  • Save more with lower rates. Combine higher-interest federal and private student loan debt into a single monthly payment.[6]

Planning for College

Explore options to help pay for a college education,
from understanding costs and financial aid to grants,
scholarships and college savings plans.

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Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. Loans are subject to credit approval. Certain restrictions and conditions apply. You are encouraged to explore all scholarship, grant and federal borrowing options before applying for a private loan. 

  2. Automated Payment Discount: During repayment, an interest rate discount of 0.50% is available for automated payments. Borrower must be making scheduled payments that include both principal and interest. Interest-only payments do not qualify. Advertised rates include the 0.50% automated payment interest rate discount. The rate discount will be applied at the time automated payment is established. If automated payment is discontinued at any time, the discount will be removed and the rate will increase by 0.50%.

  3. Cosigner Release: Requires that the borrower has made at least forty-eight (48) consecutive timely payments of principal and interest with no periods of interruption within that 48-month timeframe. To qualify, the borrower must submit a request, meet the consecutive, timely payment requirements, provide proof of income and pass a credit check.

  4. Application: When applying, you will be transferred to the website of our service provider. A list of information required to complete your application will be provided during the application process. Solution Loan Limits: Annual maximum: $50,000. Maximum aggregate educational debt (including federal and private student loans): $225,000. Education Refinance Loan maximum: $75,000.

    For important information, view  the Application and Solicitation Disclosure: Solution Loans, Education Refinance Loan

  5. Scholarship: Restrictions and conditions apply. For detailed information, view the scholarship disclosure and the official sweepstakes rules.

  6. Refinancing: Refinancing at a longer repayment term may lower the borrower’s monthly student loan payments, but may also increase the total interest paid over the life of the loan. Refinancing at a shorter repayment term may increase the borrower’s monthly student loan payments, but may lower the total interest paid over the life of the loan.

    Certain Federal Benefits Will Be Lost or Not Available: If you refinance your federal loans through this PNC Education Refinance Loan, you will lose or not be able to select other payment plans available to federal student loan borrowers, such as income-contingent repayment or income-based repayment. In addition, federal student loans offer deferment, forbearance and loan forgiveness options that may not be available under a PNC Education Refinance Loan. Please compare your current benefits with this program to ensure any loss of existing benefits is fully understood.

*Solution Loan and Education Refinance Loan Rates: Displayed rates are available to well-qualified applicants who choose the immediate repayment option (for the Solution Loan) at a 5-year repayment term and establish automated payment. Other rates may be applicable for other repayment terms and repayment options (for the Solution Loan). Your actual APR will be based upon multiple factors. For more details and to access important rate & product information, visit the loan product pages: Undergraduate, Graduate, Health & Medical Professions, Health Residency, Bar Study, Education Refinance Loan.

PNC does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice. Financial literacy content and interactive calculators are provided for educational, informational and illustrative purposes only. The utilization of calculators and any results displayed do not represent an offer or solicitation for a product or service by PNC Bank or its affiliates. PNC does not guarantee the accuracy or applicability of these resources to your circumstances. Please consult a financial, tax or legal advisor regarding your specific situation. 

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