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Mutual funds pool money from many investors to buy securities. Funds are managed by professional portfolio managers, and allow you to diversify your portfolio by investing in domestic and international stocks, bonds, real estate and money market instruments, as well as many combinations of these assets.

  • Mutual funds offer the convenience of professional money management.
  • Often a cost-effective means of diversifying your portfolio across different types of stocks, bonds and other assets.
  • May offer greater liquidity than other types of investments; generally easy to sell and trade.
  • Mutual funds are subject to fund specific investment risk including possible loss of investment.
  • Search mutual funds offered by PNC Investments.

Pricing & Fees

For pricing and fee information, please contact PNC Investments or see the PNC Investments Overview of Products and Services.

Before You Invest in Any Fund

Research the funds and fund families available through PNC Investments. You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks and expenses of mutual funds before investing; this and other information is contained in each fund's prospectus. Carefully review the mutual fund prospectus(es) prior to investing. To request a prospectus, call 1-855-PNC-INVEST.

Mutual Fund Types

  • Passively managed; designed to closely follow the performance of a specific market index by investing in stocks that make up the target index

  • The term “target date” reflects the anticipated retirement age of the investor; i.e. a 2035 fund is appropriate for individuals planning to retire in 2035
  • The fund’s investment mix adjusts over time, favoring stocks when the target date is well into the future – and becoming more conservative with a higher weighting toward bonds as the target date approaches
  • Changing allocation mix is called the “glide path”

  • Achieve portfolio diversification with a single fund
  • Invest in a mix of equities, fixed income and cash that matches a specific risk tolerance (choose conservative, moderate or aggressive)
  • Underlying investments could be other mutual funds (this is called a fund of funds)

  • Loaded mutual funds charge sales fees: either a front-end charge at the time of purchase, a back-end charge when the fund is sold, or a level charge that must be paid each year.
  • Loaded mutual funds typically include an annual expense fee, as well.
  • No-load mutual funds do not charge sales fees at the time of purchase, but typically still include an annual expense fee.
  • No-load funds may be charged transaction fees on purchases.

PNC Investments Overview of Products and Services

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