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Stocks permit you to buy ownership shares in a specific company, which may offer dividends and capital gains when sold. PNC Investments offers access to a wide variety of stocks across all different industries and sectors.

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  • A stock is a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets and earnings
  • Stocks allow investors to earn money in two ways: through dividends paid, and through capital gains generated as the stock appreciates in value
  • Historically, the investment returns associated with stock ownership have helped investors manage the effects of inflation
  • Stocks are subject to investment risk including possible loss of investment

Insights to Guide Your Path


Take Steps to Help Protect Your Investments Against Bear Markets

Market ups and downs are a reality, and largely impossible to predict. In fact, most long-term investors are likely to experience a down market, or bear market, at some point. That's why it's key to be prepared.

3:02 min video


The Importance of Asset Allocation

Determining the appropriate mix of investment types for your portfolio is one of your most important tasks as an investor.

3:09 min video

How PNC Investments Does Business

Learn how PNC Investments does business, including our qualifications, business practices, fee schedules, and options for how you can work with us by reviewing our Client Relationship Summary, Overview of Products and Services and more. View Details »