Private Bank Cash Management Solutions

PNC Private Bank® understands the unique challenges faced by individuals and families of wealth. That's why we employ a personalized approach to helping you identify banking solutions that address all your liquidity and borrowing needs. 


With Private Bank Checking, experience an interest-bearing checking account with minimal fees to manage your finances.

No Monthly Service Charge

There are no direct deposit requirements, card transaction or minimum balance requirements.

No Wire Transfer Fees

No charges on both domestic and international, inbound and outbound wire transfers.

On-The-Go Access

Easily access and manage your accounts through the PNC Mobile Banking app[1] and PNC Online Banking.[2]

PNC Private Bank Debit Card

Opening a Private Bank Checking account gives you access to our exclusive PNC Private Bank Visa® debit card.

  • No annual fees.
  • No PNC fees on ATM transactions at non-PNC ATMs, including transfers and balance inquiries.
  • Unlimited ATM surcharge reimbursement of fees that other financial institutions charge.

Money Market

With Private Bank Money Market, earn higher interest rates with higher savings balances, without worrying about transaction requirements.

No Monthly Service Charge

There are no direct deposit requirements, minimum balance or account linking requirements.

No Wire Transfer Fees

No charges on both domestic and international, inbound and outbound wire transfers.[3]

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

With Private Bank Certificates of Deposit, you could earn a higher fixed rate of return on a variety of terms.

Higher Fixed Rate of Return

CDs have generally higher interest rates than traditional savings or money market accounts.

Variety of Terms

Maturity dates can be configured based on your future liquidity needs.

Other Services

Exclusive offerings for PNC Private Bank clients

As a PNC Private Bank client, you will:

  • Have no fees for services such as stop payments, Cashier’s Checks or ATM statements. 
  • Easy transfers from your PNC Private Bank Securities Based Line of Credit to your Private Banking deposit account through PNC Online Banking.
  • Have access to our Private Bank Service Center team to help assist you with any immediate banking needs.
  • Support from a dedicated Banking Advisor.

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