Credit & Cash Management

PNC Private Bank® understands the unique challenges faced by families of wealth. That's why we offer dedicated credit and cash management solutions and individualized support to help you achieve your goals - from managing assets to growing and preserving wealth for generations to come.

Our Approach

Relationship-Based Guidance for Your Financial Well-Being

As a PNC Private Bank client, you’ll work with a dedicated Banking Advisor whose goal is to understand your short and long-term financial needs and goals, and to provide you with advice, guidance, and solutions (lines of credit, mortgage options, liquidity management and more) to help you realize those goals.

Your Banking Advisor will coordinate with a team of professionals to provide you with personalized service, tailored to the unique financial needs of you and your family.

Checking & Savings

Sophisticated Cash Management Solutions

Private Bank Checking

We're making wealth banking simple by offering straightforward, interest-bearing, cash management solutions.

Private Bank Money Market

Our Money Market solution offers the ability to earn a premium interest rate while maintaining easy access to your funds.

Private Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Our Certificates of Deposit solutions could help you earn a higher fixed rate of return on a variety of terms.

Convenient Money Management

Our mobile banking[1] and online banking provide a variety of options for you to conduct your personal banking transactions in whatever manner is most convenient for you.


Browse our residential, securities-based and specialized lending solutions.

Securities-Based Lines of Credit (SBL)

Quick access to liquidity when you need it, using your investment assets as collateral.

This versatile, cost-effective and potentially tax-efficient borrowing strategy gives you the liquidity you need for a wide range of situations.

An SBL can be established at no cost, and you can draw on funds any time you need them. You only pay interest on what you use, when you use it, and you can pay down your balance at any time without a penalty.

Establishing a securities-based line of credit can offer liquidity for a variety of needs, including:

  • Taking advantage of investment opportunities, e.g., private equity or other business investments.
  • Funding a philanthropic or estate planning strategy.
  • Buying a new home before selling your current home, i.e., bridge financing.
  • New home construction/renovation.
  • Financing the cost of continued care facilities for a loved one.

You've been smart with your money, investing wisely for your future. By tapping a securities-based line of credit, you have the flexibility to take advantage of that wealth, without impacting your future.[4]

Residential Real Estate Lending

Home lending solutions tailored to high and ultra-high net worth borrowers, with preferred pricing for clients of PNC Private Bank or PNC Private Bank Hawthorn®.

Real estate financing can be a key component to building and managing your wealth. Our experienced Banking Advisors and Mortgage Loan Officers will provide personalized service and advice for selecting an option that aligns to your financial objectives – taking into account cash flow management, expected time in the home and potential tax efficiencies.[2]

Jumbo Mortgage

We offer a variety of financing solutions for primary homes, vacation properties and investment real estate. Our broad range of fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) options allow you to align the tenor and payment structure of the mortgage to your financial objectives, including:

  • Fixed: 30, 20 and 15 year fixed; 10/30 interest-only
  • ARMs: 10, 7 and 5 year ARMs with interest-only options

In addition, you can receive a relationship discount on your mortgage rate if you have an investment and/or deposit account with a combined balance of at least $250,000 with PNC Private Bank or PNC Private Bank Hawthorn.[3]

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Your home’s equity provides an opportunity to conveniently fund home improvements or a child’s college education, and can also provide peace of mind for unexpected expenses down the road.

PNC Home Equity Lines of Credit feature convenient interest-only or principal-and-interest payment options, with the flexibility to fix the rate on a portion or all of the outstanding balance during the draw period.

Specialized Lending

Custom financing solutions for the unique needs of high and ultra-high net worth borrowers.

Banking with PNC Private Bank or PNC Private Bank Hawthorn means you have access to experienced professionals across the bank who can work with you to structure a custom solution to fit your unique situation, including:

  • Aviation Financing.[5]
  • Investment Real Estate Lending.
  • Life Insurance Premium Financing.
  • Qualified Replacement Property (QRP) / 1042 Exchange Lending.
  • Unsecured / Personal Lending.
  • Interest Rate Swaps.
  • Custom Credit.


Markets & Economy

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Financial Markets

Weekly Market Watch

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Stories & Trends

Planning for Succession

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