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Why is Responsible Investing Important?

Often investment success is defined by more than just financial gains. For many investors, how they pursue their goals also matters. Responsible Investing is an approach that aligns your portfolio with your personal values. It can also be a strategy to manage hidden Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks that could negatively affect your investments.

Our Approach

PNC believes that delivering Responsible Investing strategies is vital to serving our clients. Responsible Investing has been an element of our investment process for some time and we continue to expand our capabilities in this area to more effectively serve growing investor interest.

You should not have to choose between investing according to your values and investing for your financial goals. You can do both and at PNC, we call that responsible investing. When individuals, families or institutions express a desire to align their investments, values and goals, we carefully construct a portfolio that is designed to achieve their designated objectives while also respecting their principles.

Through a spectrum of responsible investing capabilities, we work with you to develop a customized approach.

Our Solution & Process

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When you choose Responsible Investing, we integrate your preference through our entire investment process.

From design and construction through implementation and assessment, PNC aligns our Responsible Investing solutions with your investment goals, values and aspirations using five core components:

  1. Dedicated Responsible Investing Vehicles
  2. Custom Screening of Passive and Active Portfolios
  3. Use of Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) Ratings to Evaluate Investment Strategies
  4. Proxy Voting for Purposes of Shareholder Advocacy
  5. Fund for Charitable Giving

Insights to Guide Your Path

Key PNC thought leaders explore Responsible Investing topics including trends, strategies and research through detailed articles and white papers.

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Responsible Investing: A Ripple In Still Water

The rise of responsible investing is representative of the rapidly evolving investment landscape that creates both challenges and opportunities for investors.

4 min read

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Responsible Investing: Sense Making & Myth Busting

In this webinar, we tackle common misconceptions and impediments to implementing responsible investing as part of an investment strategy.

58:02 min video

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A Guide to PNC’s Views on Responsible Investing

In January, BlackRock issued its letter “Sustainability as BlackRock’s New Standard for Investing.” Given this, we provide this guide to reinforce our views on responsible investing.

10 min read

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