The PNC Advantage for Wholesalers

As an industry leader with extensive experience with wholesalers, we understand the challenges you face, and know that efficient and effective practices are vitally important to make your business successful. Our business bankers are well informed about the business cycle of wholesalers and the issues critical to your success.

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Wholesalers Have Complex Financial Needs

PNC knows there are unique factors that impact your company's cash flow, such as demand forecasting, inventory management, and collection of payment from your customers. A customized approach is essential in order to maintain a consistent and predictable cash flow - the type of specialized service you receive with the PNC Advantage for Wholesalers. Whether you're an established business or just starting out - PNC has the industry expertise and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Work with Bankers that Understand Wholesalers

As an industry leader with extensive experience with wholesalers, we understand the challenges you face, and know that efficient and effective practices are vitally important to make your business successful. Our business bankers are well informed about the business cycle of wholesalers and the issues critical to your success.

Improve and Regulate Your Cash Flow

As a wholesaler, forecasting demand, managing inventory, collecting payments, and staying on top of current industry trends can all combine to make your cash flow cycle unpredictable. We recognize the importance of cash availability to your business, and want to help position you for success. Whether you plan to expand your business or simply grow your bottom line, we provide an array of solutions to help optimize your cash flow. Wecan help you accelerate the collection of receivables, monitor and project cash, and improve the ways you make payments. We also offer online reporting and tools for easy account analysis.

Understand, Project, Act

The health of your business depends on your ability to analyze performance and confidently make decisions that will help you achieve your goals. With Cash Flow InsightSM, you can visualize your cash flow week-to-week, month-to-month and even year-to-year with innovative views so you can see trends that may help with future projections.  See how it works »

Start with the Right Business Checking Account

We know that key factors, like inventory, payment collection and asset management impact your cash flow. That's why PNC offers a variety of business checking accounts with features to meet your cash flow demands.

Talk to us about your wholesaler operations, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there. Your PNC Business Banker will identify key components of your business' operating cycle, and help you select the solutions best suited for your needs.

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PINACLE® Express

Expand your business’s treasury management activities with the powerful online and mobile capabilities of PINACLE® Express. PINACLE Express offers you secure access to your cash position information and to the treasury management tools you need to move your business forward.

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Cash Flow Insight℠

Efficiently manage your business's cash flow all in one place. Easy-to-use online financial management experience that reduces paper by automating your invoicing and bill payments online and saves time by syncing your receivables and payables data with your accounting software.

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PNC Merchant Services

We help you streamline incoming payments by providing solutions for authorizing, clearing and settling credit and debit card transactions.

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