Clover® Station

The power to run your business more efficiently.[1]

Centralized Business Management

Clover Station* can be the all in one payment processing solution that helps you manage payment acceptance, simplify operations and employee management, as well as customer engagement using one device.[2] With the power of advanced software and capability to integrate with all Clover devices, the Clover Station helps you to manage your business more efficiently.

Clover Station features a fast new and improved processor, an integrated chip card reader, touchscreen display, and a fingerprint reader for quick login processes. And for an additional cost, you can purchase or lease a high-resolution barcode scanner, a high-speed printer, cash drawer and other peripherals.

* There is more than one version of the Clover Station. Features, functionality, and pricing may vary based on the device you choose.

Ideal for: Businesses looking for an all in one point-of-sale solution – Quick Service Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants, retail and appointment businesses

Technology That Can Help You Do Business with Greater Efficiency

Let Clover Station and PNC Merchant Services® help to manage your business.



Accept payments in person or over-the-phone. All Clover Stations support card swipe and insert. Only the Clover Station Duo supports other payments including NFC payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Built-in Clover Security functionality to help protect against fraud. Encryption and tokenization can help make cardholder data secure.[3]

Receipt Management

All Stations come with a standard receipt printer.

Customer Engagement

Adjust tips, accept e-signatures and marketing opt-ins on the spot.

Account Access Anywhere

Access your business information, on cloud-based software from a computer, tablet or smartphone via wifi, with real-time reporting to analyze your business performance.[4]


Integrated with all Clover devices for additional functionality and easy connection with accessories that you can purchase or lease, such as barcode scanners, kitchen printers, and weight scales.[2]

Endless possibilities exist when you use the Clover App Market to add even more functionality to your Clover Station.[2] There are 100s of both free and fee-based apps you can choose from to customize Clover devices to your unique business needs. Please note, some apps may require additional software.

Here are two third-party apps currently free for download.

Insights – Analytics

by Clover

App Developer Description: Insights (formerly Insightics) is the only tool that gives you a glimpse into your competition. Find out how much other businesses around you are making and how many clients they're serving. Build your business using data, compare your performance to the industry and get actionable information and forecasts.


by Clover

App Developer Description: Customer retention and marketing is made easy with Clover Promos. Reach out and bring your customers through the door.

Help reduce your credit card and transaction expenses.

Credit cards offer your customers choice and convenience, but processing fees can put a dent in your bottom line. Merchant Surcharging offers you the option to recoup some of those costs by adding a transaction fee to the purchase.  

Merchant Benefits

  • Helps lower the overall cost of credit card acceptance by allowing you to offset processing fees.

Merchant Requirements

  • Register your participation in the Merchant Surcharge program with card associations 30 days prior to first surcharged transaction.

Customer Awareness

  • A surcharge disclaimer must be displayed near your POS/POE.
  • The fee and its amount must be disclosed on receipts (physical, digital or screen).

Customer Sensitivity

  • Thoroughly consider the potential impact on the customer experience to determine if surcharging is right for your business.

Allowable Transactions

  • Surcharges must be applied to all eligible credit card transactions.
  • Surcharge cannot be applied to any debit card transactions (signature, PIN, PINless and prepaid).

Why PNC Merchant Services®

Our PNC Merchant Services solutions can help to optimize the life line of your business — your cash flow — by helping to make payment processing easy.

Fast Funding

Next-business-day funding of Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® payments when deposited into a select PNC Bank business checking account.[5]

Support 24/7

Customer care and support 24/7 for all of your device and payment processing needs via telephone and email.

Money Management

Easily track transactions and optimize cash flow when you link your merchant account and a select PNC Bank business checking account.

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