Money Matters:

A Student’s Guide to a Bright Financial Future

Benefits of Starting Early

PNC in partnership with EVERFI is committed to providing students the right financial education to help them develop practical money management skills that they can apply in the real world.

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To put this education into practice, we recommend taking the next step by opening a bank account while in high school. Reasons to consider opening a bank account:

  • Establish basic financial skills, including how to budget, make ATM withdrawals, and use a debit or banking card.
  • Ability to conveniently direct deposit checks for a summer or part-time job.
  • Develop accountability with a parent or guardian co-signer who has the ability to monitor account activity.

What We Offer

PNC offers banking solutions to support teens from high school and beyond.

Checking & Savings

PNC offers a combined checking and savings account to make it easy for high school students to learn to budget.

Standard Savings

Whatever your savings goal - saving for college, a night out with friends or a senior trip - a Standard Savings account can help.

Checking & Savings

PNC's Virtual Wallet Student® is a combined checking and savings account
designed for students age 14 and older.


Open a new Virtual Wallet Student and get the following benefits:

  • A PNC Bank Visa® Debit Card with optional customization for military, sports teams, universities and more. Explore Custom Debit Cards
  • Spend and Reserve checking with a Growth Savings account all together.
  • No monthly service charge for six years.[1]
  • One automatic courtesy refund of any Overdraft Item fees associated with the first overdraft event on your spend account.[2]
  • Free Mobile[3] and Online Banking[4] to manage your money how and when you want.
  • Students and parents can sign up to receive account alerts when balances are low.

Benefits of Banking with PNC

Convenient Locations

Take advantage of more than 2,300 locations and approximately 60,000 PNC and Partner ATMs coast to coast.[5]

Low Cash Mode®[6]

Low Cash Mode in the PNC mobile app helps you avoid overdraft fees and take control when your balance gets low or negative.


Zelle in the PNC Mobile App allows you to quickly send and receive money from people you know and trust.

Standard Savings

Ready to jump start good saving habits? A PNC Standard Savings Account
makes it easy and convenient to start saving.


Open a new Standard Savings Account with the following benefits:

  • No monthly service fee or minimum balance if you are under 18 years old.
  • No ATM fees at PNC ATMs.
  • Unlimited deposits and up to 6 withdrawals per month.[8]
  • Auto Savings tool that allows you to establish a recurring savings routine.
  • FDIC insured to the maximum permitted by law.

Get Started

PNC makes it easy.

Ages 14-17

Schedule an appointment in a branch to apply with a parent or guardian 18 or older as a cosigner.

Ages 18+

Schedule an appointment in a branch to apply. A parent or guardian cosigner is not required, but many students still choose to have one.

Know What Information Is Needed

For U.S. Citizens and/or Resident Aliens

Applicants will need their Social Security number and a valid driver’s license, student ID with photograph, or a state or military ID for verification. Some younger teens won’t have IDs yet, and that’s okay. PNC will use the cosigner’s ID.

For Non-U.S. Persons

A valid passport with photograph is required, in addition to a second form of ID. We will also need a photocopy of your passport.

Get Even More with PNC

Tools and resources using the latest technology that can help make your banking as simple and secure as possible.

Digital Banking Tools

Manage your money at home or on the go with our Online and Mobile Banking tools.

Financial Tips

My Finance Academy provides financial education, tools, and information to help students manage their money.

Security & Privacy

We relentlessly protect your personal information and adhere to strict privacy standards.