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Lease Buyout Auto Loans

With a vehicle lease buyout from PNC Bank, you can make your ride your own.[1,2]

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Key Features of a Lease Buyout Loan

Apply Today

Apply for an auto loan[1]
online, by phone or at a branch.


Get 0.25% Off Your Rate

Interest rate discount comes with maintaining automated payment with a PNC checking account.[3]

Close the Loan Fast

A check will be sent to the creditor to pay off the existing loan.[4].

How a Lease Buyout Loan Works

Step 1 — Research

Research how much car you can afford by reviewing rates and estimating a monthly payment. Find the accurate value of your car according to J.D. Power here.

Step 2 — Apply

Apply for an auto loan[1] online, by phone or at a branch.

Step 3 — Buy Your Existing Car

Once you close at a PNC branch, a check will be sent to the creditor to pay off the existing loan[2,4].

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Reminder: You will be responsible for transferring the vehicle’s title to your name and placing
PNC’s lien on the title.

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Tools & Calculators

Looking for how much car you can afford? Comparing the costs of a new vs. used vehicle? Use our auto loan calculators to understand your options and help you decide.

How to Apply for an Auto Loan

Find out what's involved in the car buying process — from the ways you can apply, to a list of what you'll need for your application.

What You Need to Know After Closing the Auto Loan

Upon closing the auto loan, responsibility falls on you and the leasing company to make the changes to the title. Title could be sent to PNC Bank from prior lienholder.  If that happens, you will be contacted by a representative from PNC Bank. They will send the title and all paperwork from prior lienholder to you to get the transfer completed. Additionally, any fees all taxes incurred during this transaction are your responsibility to pay. PNC Bank is not responsible to pay or reimburse you for those fees or taxes.

Additional items may be required: Clean Title, State Department of Motor Vehicle form, Odometer Reading, Proof of Insurance, Notarized Bill of Sale, Copy of Driver's License, Power of Attorney Form, etc. Each state's requirements may differ, recommend contacting your state Department of Motor Vehicle for what is required.

Steps when transferring ownership of title: 

1) You need to be listed as a registered owner on the vehicle title.

2) Have PNC Bank be listed as lienholder on the title.

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Important Legal Disclosures and Information

  1. Credit is subject to approval.

  2. Certain restrictions and conditions apply.

  3. Automated payment must be set up at loan closing from a PNC checking account to qualify for the 0.25% discount. If automated payment is discontinued at any time, you may no longer receive an automated payment discount and your rate will increase 0.25%

  4. May exclude weekends and holidays.

*Check Auto Loan Rates: APRs that will display include a 0.25% discount for automated payment from a PNC checking account. The lowest rates are available to well-qualified applicants. Your actual APR will be based upon multiple factors. Refer to “Important Disclosures" under “Get Rates” for more details. 

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