Clean Shares

Offered through PNC Investments

Mutual fund share classes that are currently available for brokerage accounts at PNC Investments. Clean shares provide access to the same fund management as other retail mutual fund share classes, but at a potentially lower ongoing cost to investors so they can invest more towards their financial goals.

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Key Features
Lower Cost

Potentially lower ongoing fees charged than other retail mutual fund share classes.

Greater Fee Transparency

Increased clarity regarding the services you’re paying for and to whom.

Same Fund Management

Access to the same portfolio strategies
and managers as other retail mutual fund share classes.  


  • “Clean Share” is a term PNC Investments uses to refer to classes of shares that generally have lower ongoing fees and more transparent
    fee structures
  • Available for brokerage accounts offered through a PNC Investments Financial Advisor
  • PNC Investments charges a commission fee for each purchase and sale and the fund company charges ongoing operating expenses
  • Clean shares are not charged a front end load, deferred sales charges or other asset-based fees for sales or distribution by the fund company, such as 12b-1 fees

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