Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Offered Through PNC Investments.

PNC Investments offers access to more than 500 ETF product options from some of the top providers in the industry. Select from a wide variety of available funds to suit your investment preferences.

  • ETFs are investment portfolios, most of which are designed to track the performance of a specified index, less expenses, such as the S&P 500, MSCI World or NASDAQ Composite Index
  • ETFs may also be actively managed, similar to open-end mutual funds
  • Traded on the exchanges (similar to stocks)
  • Can be purchased or sold during trading hours
  • Composed of a diverse array of securities – stocks, bonds and commodities based on a specific investment objective
  • Designed to track market indexes potentially made up of thousands of securities, enabling broad diversification and exposure to an entire asset class, country, region or sector via a single investment
  • International and sector-focused ETFs may be used to add a specific focus to your investment portfolio
  • Most ETFs publish their holdings daily, allowing for greater transparency
  • ETFs are subject to fund specific investment risk including possible loss of investment

ETFs Compared to Actively Managed Funds

Since ETFs strive to reflect (not outperform) market indexes, portfolio turnover (the rate at which securities are replaced within a fund) is generally lower than that of actively managed mutual funds. With ETFs, investors are less likely to be subject to large capital gains exposures (and the associated tax consequences) that are generated by the frequent buying and selling within actively managed funds. Contact your tax advisor for additional information.

Pricing & Fees

For pricing and fee information, please contact PNC Investments or see the PNC Investments Overview of Products and Services.

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