5 Easy Steps:
Switching Your Accounts to PNC

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If you've just opened a new PNC Business Checking account, or you are researching PNC Business Checking accounts before making your choice, then you'll want to know about our Quick Switch Checklist. It's a resource we offer to our new customers to help make switching your business checking account, and other related business activity like direct deposits or automatic payments, as seamless as possible.

When you start banking with PNC, depending on your prior business checking account activities, you'll need to notify your service providers and other financial institutions of your new account so they can continue the arrangements you have set up with them in the past. Remember, a PNC banker is available to help if you have questions at 877-BUS-BNKG (877-287-2654).

5 Easy Steps: Switching to Your New PNC Business Checking Account

Follow these easy steps to complete your transfer to PNC Bank. Remember, a PNC banker is available to help if you have questions.

Step One

Open Your Account

Step Two

Set Up Account Critical Functions 

Step Three

Establish Payables and Receivables

  • Contact companies you pay and companies that pay you and provide your PNC account and routing numbers
  • Set up PNC Bill Pay through PNC Online Banking
  • Transfer automatic electronic deposits and automatic payments
  • Explore PNC business credit cards
Step Four

Merchant Services

Step Five

Close Your Old Account

  • Confirm that all checks have cleared
  • Confirm that automatic payments & automatic deposits have moved to the new account
  • Close your old account
  • Call us to schedule a follow-up appointment to personalize your relationship and account services based upon your business's unique needs

Quick Switch Checklist

PNC Quick Switch Checklist

This easy-to-follow guide will help make the switch simple and seamless by outlining the steps for opening your account and putting it to work for you.

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