Zelle for Your Business for Your Business

A Fast and Easy Way to Receive Payments from Customers, Directly to Your PNC Business Checking Account—Free in the PNC Mobile App.[1]


Zelle® is a fast and easy way for eligible businesses to send, receive, and request payments directly between bank accounts in the U.S.

If your customers are enrolled with Zelle® through a financial institution[2], they can send payments directly to your PNC Business Checking account with just your email address, U.S. mobile phone number, or Zelle® QR Code. With Zelle®, money typically arrives within minutes between enrolled users.

Zelle® Fast Facts

What is Zelle®, and how does it work?

What are the benefits of using Zelle® for business owners?

How to avoid scammers when using Zelle®

How can I help protect my money while using Zelle®?


Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible to use Zelle® for your business if you own a business that provides services to people or other eligible businesses you know and trust[3], such as:

  • Landlords collecting rent
  • Health and beauty services: hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, estheticians, personal trainers
  • Home care services: landscapers/lawn care providers, tree trimmers, gardeners, snow removal services, pool services, cleaning services
  • Adult and child care providers
  • Therapists: speech, physical, psychologist
  • Lesson providers/coaches: music, tutoring, dance, sports
  • Professional services: photographers, accountants, consultants, financial planners, event planners
  • Pet services: dog walkers, pet sitters
PNC does not recommend the use of Zelle® for the buying or selling of goods, and does not offer a purchase protection policy if Zelle® is used for the buying or selling of goods.



Benefits to the Business Owner

Faster Access to Funds 

  • No more delays. Enrolled business customers typically receive payments within minutes, not days.  
  • No need to worry about returned check deposits or misplaced check or cash payments.

Seamless Experience 

  • Simply request and receive payments on any day and at any time. 
  • Zelle® is built into the existing PNC Mobile App, so there’s no need to download another app. 
  • All transactions are recorded in your bank account activity, which makes reconciliation easy. 

Limit Account Detail Sharing 

  • Reduce exposure of sensitive information by not sharing or requiring bank account numbers.   

Request, Receive and Send to Almost Anyone 

  • As a business, you can manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable with any consumer or business enrolled with Zelle® through their financial institution.

Zelle® is More Convenient Than Cash and Checks

  • Enhance cash flow. No need to wait for checks to clear because payments are sent directly to your PNC Business Checking account, typically within minutes[3]. 
  • Money is sent directly to your PNC Business Checking account, so there’s a record of all payments received, and no need to store or transport cash and checks.
  • Customers can pay you with Zelle® right from their banking app, so you can receive payments at any time (no extra hardware required) and skip the trip to the bank.
  • Receive money by sharing just your email address, U.S. mobile number, or Zelle® QR Code with your customers.
  • There are no fees to use Zelle® in the PNC Mobile App.

How It Works

Move Money in the Moment with Zelle®

Enroll Your Business Checking Account with Zelle®

  • Log into your PNC Mobile App and select Send Money with Zelle®. If you do not have the PNC Mobile App, you can download it for your Apple or Android mobile device below.
  • Then, follow the instructions to enroll with your U.S. mobile number or email address. If you already use Zelle® with your personal checking account, you will need to enroll a different U.S. mobile number or email address for your business than you use personally.
  • If you are not already enrolled in PNC's Business Bill Pay, you will need to enroll before being able to complete your Zelle® enrollment.

Request &
Receive Payments

  • Provide your U.S. mobile number, email address, or Zelle® QR Code to your customer and let them know you accept payment with Zelle® — if the customer enrolls with Zelle® through their financial institution.
  • Or, you can send your customer a payment request[4] by selecting “Send Money with Zelle®,“ then “Request.” Enter your customer’s U.S. mobile number or email address and the amount of money they owe you, review, then tap on “Request.” If your customer is not yet enrolled with Zelle®, you can only send a request using their email address.
  • When your customer sends a payment or responds to your payment request with a payment, the money will be sent directly to your PNC business checking account, typically in minutes between enrolled users.


  • Select an eligible business or consumer by entering their U.S. mobile number, email address, or Zelle® QR Code.
  • Enter the amount you would like to send and include an optional memo.
  • Review to ensure you have entered the correct email address or U.S. mobile number for the recipient, then tap on “Send.”

 Tip: Use Zelle® for refunds, supplier payments, and any payment that you need to make to a consumer or a business you know and trust!

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Download the PNC Mobile App

Open a new account, deposit a check, check balances, make bill payments and more - all from our mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.[1] Available in English and Spanish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Zelle® is for your personal payments too.

For details on how to use Zelle® with your PNC Personal Checking or Virtual Wallet account, please visit PNC.com/Zelle.


Important Legal Disclosures & Information

  1. PNC does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking. However, third party message and data rates may apply. These include fees your wireless carrier may charge you for data usage and text messaging services. Check with your wireless carrier for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage or text messaging charges that may apply. Also, a supported mobile device is needed to use the Mobile Banking App. Mobile Deposit is a feature of PNC Mobile Banking. Use of the Mobile Deposit feature requires a supported camera-equipped device and you must download a PNC mobile banking App. Eligible PNC Bank account and PNC Bank Online Banking required. Certain other restrictions Apply. See the mobile banking terms and conditions in the PNC Online Banking Service Agreement.

    PNC doesn’t currently charge a fee to send or receive money with Zelle®. However, your enrolled PNC account may incur overdraft fees, monthly service charges, and other fees as described in your account fee schedule.

  2. To send or receive money with a small business, both parties must be enrolled with Zelle® directly through their financial institution’s online or mobile banking experience.

  3. Zelle® should only be used to send or receive money with people you know and trust. Before using Zelle® to send money, you should confirm the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile phone number. Neither PNC norZelle® offers a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle®. Zelle® is available to almost anyone with a bank account in the U.S. Transactions typically occur in minutes between enrolled users. If the recipient has not enrolled, the payment will expire after 14 calendar days. See the PNC Zelle® Terms of Use for additional terms and conditions. Use of Zelle® is subject to and conditional upon adherence to the terms and conditions of the PNC Zelle® Terms of Use.

  4. To send payment requests or split payment requests to a U.S. mobile number, the mobile number must already be enrolled with Zelle®.

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