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Clients have many good reasons to borrow --such as purchasing a vacation home or a luxury car or boat, paying off an existing mortgage, hosting a wedding, or investing in art. Perhaps you'd like to help a child purchase a first home or start a business.

To accomplish these goals, clients often consider both secured and unsecured loan options.

Secured Loans:

Home Equity Installment Loan1
If you prefer to borrow an exact dollar amount, an installment loan allows you to pay a fixed rate of interest over the entire term of the loan.

Home Equity Line of Credit1
A Home Equity Line of Credit is available when needed, and you pay interest at a variable rate only on the amount utilized. To access your line, write checks or transfer money to other accounts using Internet Banking. You may choose a Home Equity Line of Credit with an interest-only or principal and interest payment option during the draw period.

Leveraging Assets Under Management 1
You can also establish a secured loan by leveraging portions of your portfolio under management. Stocks, bonds or other assets can act as collateral without having to liquidate those assets (which can have tax and long-term investment consequences) to solve a credit need. PNC Wealth Management offers several options for structuring this type of loan that balance your risk tolerance and long-term objectives. 

Unsecured Loans:

Personal Lines of Credit1
If you prefer not to link your assets to your borrowing needs, we offer unsecured lines of credit that are created independent of your wealth management portfolios or real estate holdings. These personal lines of credit can provide access to ongoing cash requirements.
1. Loans and Lines are subject to credit approval. Property insurance is required for all home equity loans and lines of credit. Annual Percentage Rates vary depending upon Loan to Value Ratio (LTV), amount borrowed and term. Offer may be modified or discontinued without prior notice and may vary by market.

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Investments: Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.

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