eIDSSM: Efficient Online Chargeback Resolution

Sales disputes and chargebacks are an unfortunate fact of life for merchants who accept credit and debit cards. If not handled quickly and efficiently, they can put a serious crimp in your cash flow and profits.

That's why PNC Merchant Services® has designed the Electronic Integrated Dispute System, or eIDS, a secure online sales dispute and chargeback management tool that also helps reduce risk and prevent payment fraud.

With eIDS, you can exchange information and documentation regarding disputes and chargebacks with PNC Merchant Services online, which increases your efficiency and, ultimately, your cash flow and profitability.

Key Benefits

eIDS provides a number of key benefits for your business:

  • Greater efficiency -- Automatic presentment of sales dispute cases greatly improves efficiency and results in faster resolution of chargebacks and disputes. This means more money back in your account sooner.
  • Fewer chargebacks -- The automation of retrieval requests responses expedites the fulfillment process, which helps prevent chargebacks. Also, faster response times for retrieval requests may reduce the number of non-response chargebacks.
  • Better sales dispute management and decision making -- With faster and easier access to information, you can make more informed and educated decisions about disputes and chargebacks. This gives you greater control over sales dispute expense management.
  • Improved workflow management -- Enhanced financial controls simplify back office tasks associated with chargeback and retrieval management. Detailed acknowledgements and comprehensive messages clarify the documentation that's required for fulfillment, while queue prioritization and sales dispute inventory provide further control.
  • Lower costs -- Faster and easier online sales dispute management means lower costs, since less support and resources are required.
  • High security -- eIDS uses the most advanced online security protocols available, so you can pull, research and respond to detailed reporting on sales disputes in a highly secure online environment.