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April 2014 - More than half of retirees have withdrawn funds from their retirement savings without a strategy in place and slightly more are concerned about running out of money. Of those drawing down from their investments, 59 percent say the money is to cover expenses, according to PNC?s semi-annual Perspectives of Retirement survey.
April 2014 - Following a severe winter that froze economic growth, U.S. small business owners now forecast sunnier days ahead for the next six months, according to the new PNC Economic Outlook survey findings..
January 2014 - Since 2004, PNC Wealth Management has conducted a signature survey on the opinions and attitudes of America's wealthy. It has become a barometer not just of how the affluent spend their money but why and how they think. View the results of the most current as well as selected previous Wealth and Values Surveys.
Sept. 2013 - PNC's second Financial Independence Survey, which sought insights into the financial mindset of 20-29 year-olds who are establishing their careers in a highly competitive job market in the shadows of the global recession, incorporated the feedback from hundreds of Hispanic respondents. The unique study compares responses within the age and ethnicity group; and among those with and without higher education.
September 2013 - Retirement preparation behaviors and habits of retirees and those planning their retirement examined in PNC telephone survey. Almost half of Americans in their prime retirement planning years believe they will need to work longer than previously planned in order to save enough to retire, yet nearly 60 percent of those 70 and under who have already left the workforce did so earlier than planned.
March 2013 - Americans who are actively planning for retirement are more likely to visit the dentist or exercise regularly this year than spend time on their investments or retirement planning, according to the newest findings in the PNC Perspectives on Retirement Survey.
October 2012 - PNC recognizes that learning in a child's early years is essential for their long-term success. Through Grow Up Great, a $350 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2004, PNC provides the leadership, advocacy, funding, tools, and volunteers to help educate parents, caregivers, and communities on how to prepare young children for success in school and life. The initiative has funded innovative early childhood education programs in math, science, the arts and financial education. To date, the program has served more than 1.5 million children.
September 2012 - Hispanics are largely optimistic about growing their businesses over the next two years, but doubts about the economy and cutbacks in their spending may actually stall future expansion. The segment face concerns over several public policy issues, particularly taxes, the federal deficit, health care, climate/environment and immigration, according to surprising survey findings by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
September 2012 - Almost two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans with $100,000 or more in assets say they are on target or ahead of their goal for retirement planning goals while a third (35 percent) say their retirement planning goals have not been adversely affected by the recession, according to surprising survey findings by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
August 2012 - PNC announces its first net-zero energy bank branch which is expected to exceed LEED Platinum certification and produce more energy than it consumes. With more newly constructed certified green buildings than any company on Earth, PNC has been a leader in green construction for the past decade. View images and details of the company's environmentally friendly office buildings and Green Branch® locations along with its innovative Green WallTM
June 2012 - PNC announces $1 million initiative in grants to eight organizations and other funding in Eastern Carolina to boast economic development, early childhood education and celebrates the region's history.
September 2011 - Wealthy investors want greater transparency in their dealings with financial institutions and advisors and PNC Wealth Management has responded with PNC Wealth Insightsm, which provides daily access to financial performance and an aggregated view of their net worth.
August 2011 - Eight out of 10 women business owners foresee growth over the next two years, a sign that the slow economic recovery will not deter one of the fastest growing segments of the nation's small business sector, according to Part II of the PNC Women Business Owners Outlook survey findings. View the results of PNC's first-ever survey of women business owners.
July 2011 - One out of two U.S. women business owners expect their sales to increase in the next six months, but most have no plans to hire full-time employees as a "soft patch" continues to slow the U.S. economic recovery, according to the PNC Women Business Owners Outlook survey findings. View the results of PNC's first-ever survey of women business owners.
August 2010 - Virtual WalletŪ is PNC's award-winning online and mobile money management solution. Launched in 2008, Virtual Wallet was designed with input from Generation Y consumers who want to manage their spending and saving in real time. With enhancements released in 2009 and 2010, PNC has built on the success of Virtual Wallet to meet the financial needs of college students and tech-savvy customers of other generations.