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Virtual Wallet is PNC's award-winning online and mobile money management solution.

Launched in 2008, Virtual Wallet was designed with input from Generation Y consumers who want to manage their spending and saving in real time. With enhancements released in 2009 and 2010, PNC has built on the success of Virtual Wallet to meet the financial needs of college students and tech-savvy customers of other generations.

Virtual Wallet - Enhancements Announced

PNC took online banking to a new level in 2008. The introduction of Virtual Wallet as a comprehensive money management and online banking solution makes it easy to save, helps to manage spending and avoid fees.

In August 2010, PNC Bank enhanced Virtual Wallet by adding several new features, including tools for budgeting and smarter spending, credit card tracking and more alerts to help customers avoid mistakes. With these new features, PNC has expanded Virtual Wallet beyond the original Generation Y segment to consumers with more sophisticated financial needs.

Mobile App

PNC was one of the first major banks to introduce a mobile App for the iPhone and iPod Touch specifically designed around a banking product. The App combines the functionality of Virtual Wallet with the interactivity of the iPhone and iPod Touch to provide customers a mobile offering with nearly all of the capabilities found online.

Virtual Wallet Student

Launched in 2009, Virtual Wallet Student builds on the success of Virtual Wallet to help college students help themselves to better manage their money and avoid costly mistakes and fees -- and gives parents peace of mind.