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Press Kit: PNC Women Business Owners Outlook Survey -- Summer 2011
Women Business Owners To Delay Hiring, Rely on Credit Cards and Personal Savings For Capital
Survey Results:
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Key Findings:

One out of two U.S. women business owners expect their sales to increase in the next six months, but most have no plans to hire full-time employees as a "soft patch" has slowed the U.S. economic recovery.

The findings of the first-ever PNC Women Business Owners Outlook show women owners are satisfied with their overall business performance, as six out of 10 say their companies are currently meeting or exceeding expectations. However, women owners show a reluctance to take on long-term financing or make capital investments in the months ahead.

Satisfied With Their Own Business, Owners Pessimistic About U.S. and Local Economies

  • Business is Good: Almost half (48 percent) expect their sales to increase compared to 42 percent in the fall. Nearly four in 10 (37 percent) expect profits to increase compared to 31 percent in the fall. One quarter (24 percent) expect to hire full-time employees, up slightly from the Fall (22 percent) and double the Spring 2009 low point (12 percent)

  • Sales and Profits: The sentiment about local economies is getting brighter, with 62 percent of owners optimistic about their local economies (compared to 57 percent in the Fall)

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