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Obtain Financing in Foreign Currencies

PNC can provide U.S. dollar functional companies and their foreign subsidiaries with short- and long-term foreign currency loans.

Foreign Currency Loans

PNC's foreign currency loan structures are made in freely convertible currencies with the same flexibility as a domestic loan, using a foreign currency interest rate. PNC's foreign currency loan structures provide several key benefits:

  • Provide a natural hedge to your company's foreign assets by creating a matched liability against a foreign asset.
  • Allow for a single source of funding, eliminating the need for multiple credit lines with foreign-based banks.
  • Offer loan rates that are either fixed or floating to match your desired capital structure.
  • Integrate with interest rate caps, collars, or swaps to more effectively manage interest rate risk and currency fluctuations.

Cross-Currency Swap

A cross-currency swap enables you to exchange existing assets or liabilities to another currency and interest rate for a period of time.

  • Hedge a long-term non-functional asset or liability.
  • Access foreign capital markets for low cost financing.
  • Lower financing costs for foreign subsidiaries.


Lending products and services, as well as certain other banking products and services, require credit approval.


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