Small Business
Treasury Management
As one of the nation's top treasury management providers, PNC is dedicated to developing tailored solutions for your business. We can help you manage working capital more effectively and transition your receivables, payables, investments and information reporting activities from paper to electronic. Our leading-edge technology combined with industry expertise work to help you optimize your financial resources and improve your back-office operations.
If your company collects a large volume of customer payments, PNC offers a convenient way to help you process those payments efficiently, get up-to-the-minute data on funds availability, and maximize your cash flow. Our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions make simplifying your accounts receivable administration convenient.
For companies that do a large volume of business in cash, PNC offers a convenient and secure solution for managing your currency deposits and meeting your daily cash needs.
PNC's Funds Transfer Services offer a high speed, secure electronic payment solution that provides an effective, reliable way for you to send or receive payments needed for same-day settlement.
PNC's Positive Pay can help maintain even tighter control over your disbursements
Pay your suppliers, vendors, government taxes and employees through PNC's Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. You'll reduce costs while disbursing funds.