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Tips for Preventing Card Fraud
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There's no doubt that credit cards and debit cards have changed the way we do business, both as individuals and as businesses.  Instead of carrying cash, these cards provide convenience and safety, as well as tracking of transactions on monthly statements.

You don't have to lose your credit or debit card to become a victim of credit card fraud.  Thieves can obtain your credit card account numbers from old receipts or by scanning your card in illegal machines.

There are many things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of credit card fraud.  They include:

  • Always sign the back of your cards when they arrive in the mail.  If you get duplicate cards for your account, sign the back and put them in a safe, secure place.
  • Get your statements online
  • Pick PIN numbers you can easily remember that are not birthday dates, house or phone numbers, or repetitions of a single number.  Never write your PIN number down on a slip of paper that you keep in your purse or wallet.
  • Check your card statements for unfamiliar transactions.
  • Get the receipts from your card transactions.  If there are carbons, ask for them too.
  • Retain any receipts you get from a card transaction and reconcile them with your monthly bank account statements. Never throw them out in the trash, or if you do, shred them.
  • Be sure to get your card back when you use it for purchases.  Also be sure you can see your card at all times when it's being used for a transaction.
  • If you're shopping online, be sure the website you're visiting is secure (indicated by https://) before you enter your card number.
  • Write down all your card numbers and keep them in a safe, locked place with your statements.
  • Don't allow anyone else to use your credit or debit card and never co-sign for a card that will be used by another person without your supervision.
  • If you notice your credit or debit card is missing, call the card issuer or PNC immediately to report it lost or stolen.  If you act quickly, you can minimize the chance for fraudulent charges.
  • Never give your credit or debit card account number or PINs to anyone you don't know over the computer or the phone.
  • Know where your cards are at all times, and never leave your wallet or purse unattended - even for a minute.
  • Shield the keypad when entering your PIN.