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Fraud Prevention

Warnings about identity theft and tips to protect your personal bank accounts are everywhere, but little fuss is made about business owners protecting their accounts against fraudulent activity. Payment fraud continues to be a major challenge for businesses and banks alike, regardless of size or industry. While the most common type of fraudulent occurrence is check fraud, ACH debits have also been used as a vehicle to perpetrate crime.

PNC Can Help

As a PNC corporate client, you enjoy convenient access to a number of effective and reliable tools that will help you limit losses from check and ACH fraud.

Positive Pay

PNC clients with Account Reconcilement Services (ARP) can enjoy the protection of Positive Pay, an automated check fraud identification product. Positive Pay allows you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

Through Positive Pay, you simply transmit issue data to PNC when your company issues checks. When items are presented for payment, our matching and validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided. Digitized images of exception items are provided online, so you can review suspicious items efficiently and make timely payment decisions.

Payee Positive Pay

Payee Positive Pay enhances our Positive Pay validation process by allowing you to include the Payee as an additional point of comparison between checks presented and your issue data file. It's an easy way to strengthen your fraud control measures and enjoy greater security. Just match the Payee name that should appear on the check with the actual name on the check presented for payment. As with our standard Positive Pay program, online delivery of exception item images speeds your decision making process and helps you reduce your risk.

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Our corporate online banking portal, PINACLE, gives you access to all of PNC's online reporting and transactional services, including Positive Pay. Through our easy-to-use interface, you can easily create and transmit check issue files, review your Positive Pay exceptions, view images and inform us of your pay or return decisions. Streamlining your accounts payable process couldn't be easier.

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ACH Fraud Protection Service

PNC Bank's ACH Fraud Protection Service will enable you to authorize debits against your checking account from selected originators, while monitoring for suspect items reliably and efficiently. By screening entries and monitoring your accounts for unauthorized ACH Fraud Protection Service can help you avoid the costly possibility of overlooking a transaction and losing the right of return through the ACH network.

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Purchasing Cards

New technology is available to enhance controls on purchases made by employees with purchasing cards. This technology enables your organization to instantly manage the available credit on individual purchasing cards. Technology advances also let you to limit purchasing activity through an array of card-spending controls, including monthly and per-transaction limits, as well as merchant spend categories that only permit use of the card with certain merchants.

Some card programs provide online access to manage these parameters directly from your desktop computer.

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For more information on how PNC can help, call your Treasury Management Officer.

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