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Personal Finance
Quick Switch

Ready to switch to PNC? We're ready for you. Are you putting off switching to PNC because you don't want the "hassle" of switching your direct deposit, your automatic payments, setting up online bill pay, or closing your old accounts?

With PNC's online Quick Switch, switching banks is quick and easy. And because you can access the Quick Switch Center through PNC's secure website, PNC Bank Online Banking - Quick Switch is able to automatically pre-fill much of the information you will need to create your "switch" letters. A real time saver.

PNC's Quick Switch Center provides:

  • Customized letters you can use to switch a direct deposit you may have set up at your old bank.
  • Customized letters you can use to either switch an automatic payment so it will be deducted from your PNC account OR cancel automatic payments so that you can begin managing more of your bill payments using PNC's free PNC Bank Online Bill Pay service.
  • New! A tool that will help you switch online bill payees from your old bank to Online Bill Pay quickly and easily
  • Customized letters you can use to close accounts you may have at other banks or financial institutions.
  • "Helpful Hints" that provide you with important reminders about how to complete the switch process.
  • A resource section that contains links to useful websites, a helpful glossary, and a very thorough list of frequently asked questions, plus much more.
  • A convenient way to track all your switch activity.

Switch Today. It's easy to get started. Here's what you'll need: