Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Wealth Comes With Challenges.
You can trust the professionals of PNC Wealth Management to provide sophisticated and creative solutions to your wealth challenges while helping you to achieve, maintain and grow your financial success.

Challenge #1: Managing Cash Flow

Challenge #2: Achieving Financial Freedom

Challenge #3: Protecting Your Assets

Professional Challenge # 1:              Managing the Cash Flow
I want to give my children the best education possible -- but can I afford it?

Professional Wealth Management

Martin, 49, a successful personal injury attorney and partner at his law firm, is looking for a more even cash flow to keep up with the twins' college tuition bills, along with other personal expenses he recently has incurred. With so much of his compensation dependent on the timing of the personal injury awards, as well as annual bonuses and partnership distributions, it's difficult to manage his day-to-day obligations. Most of his wealth is tied up in his practice and in a concentrated equity position he inherited.

Martin asked his PNC Wealth Management professional for advice.

  • First, to help even out Martin's cash flow, PNC suggested that he open an unsecured credit line. With a three-year term, it offered relatively low monthly payments, with larger payments timed to coincide with his bonus and partnership payouts.
  • His advisor then recommended that Martin hedge his equity position with an equity collar to help lower his risk of having so much of his investment portfolio in a single stock.
  • Finally, Martin worked with his advisor to build a long-term, comprehensive financial plan. It became his roadmap to success over the twins' college years, and well into his retirement.

Professional Challenge # 2:              Achieving Financial Freedom
How can I achieve lifetime wealth?

Professional Wealth Management

Blake, 50, is a busy, well-established accountant who devotes 70 hours a week to his CPA practice--even more during tax season. With little time in his life for his own personal investment planning, his investment accounts are poorly diversified and not reflective of the recent changes in his life, such as the birth of his two grandchildren and the purchase of a second home. It had been years since Blake reviewed his investment strategy with a professional advisor. Recognizing that he needed to put his financial house in order, he contacted PNC Wealth Management.
  • Blake's advisor began by meeting with Blake and his attorney to update his Will so that it accurately reflects his current situation and intentions.1
  • Then, to help Blake build an enduring foundation of family wealth, his advisor helped to implement a Dynasty Trust drafted by Blake's attorney. This sophisticated estate planning tool helps Blake to provide for future generations and, within a Dynasty Trust, his assets may be protected from creditors, estate taxes and wasteful spending for as long as he wishes.
  • Then, a PNC investment advisor worked closely with Blake to clearly identify his goals and customized an investment strategy just for him. It included a diversified portfolio of individual stocks, mutual funds, and a separately managed account.
Blake now meets at least annually with his PNC Wealth Management team to review his progress--and help him stay on track to build a lifetime of wealth for his family.

Professional Challenge # 3:              Protecting Your Assets
Am I at risk of losing it all?

Professional Wealth Management

Dr. Strong, 45, practices medicine in a small Family Practice office with no partners. She employs two health practitioners and a receptionist. Despite her day-to-day involvement with her practice for 15 years, she has managed to avoid any damaging lawsuits. However, she wonders what may be in store for her in the next 15 years.

She is apprehensive about the financial ramifications of being sued, so she decided to talk with PNC Wealth Management.

To help safeguard her assets against a damaging lawsuit, Dr. Strong's advisor recommended that she discuss with her legal counsel the possibility of establishing a Delaware Asset Protection Trust. By transferring assets to the Trust, she may reduce the risk of losing all assets in the event of an unforeseen lawsuit.

How Can You Benefit from an Asset Protection Trust?
Lawsuits often are generated by forces beyond your control, such as a natural disaster or an injury to a client or patient. An Asset Protection Trust is one way to help safeguard your assets against an unforeseen lawsuit, which could potentially harm your practice and life savings. A properly constructed Asset Protection Trust may protect you in the event of a lawsuit.1 Additionally, your funds will have the potential to grow for multiple generations if you incorporate Dynasty Trust provisions. The investment professionals at PNC Wealth Management can help you invest your assets within the Trust so you can achieve your financial goals.

1. Provided the creation of the trust was not a fraudulent conveyance. You should consult with your legal counsel.