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Changing the Ways You Can Bank at a Branch

Your PNC Branch is changing, and we're here to help.

In today's world, people value choice, convenience and personal service. Some customers visit PNC Bank branches regularly. Others visit only when they have complex financial needs.

More and more customers are using digital technology to perform common banking transactions either at the ATM or through Online or Mobile Banking.

Please use the resources on this page to help you learn more about convenient ways to bank with us. If you still have questions, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Stop in or set up an in-person or virtual appointment.

ATM Banking

PNC Bank Offers access to approximately 60,000 PNC and Partner ATMs across the country[1]. The ATM Network includes four types of ATMs: 1) Cash dispensing-only ATM; 2) Cash dispensing and deposit taking ATM; 3) VBM (Video Banking Machine) used as an ATM (without the Video Teller); 4) VBM (Video Banking Machine) used with the Video Teller feature.

Online Banking

Easily access your accounts for free online.[2]

  • Check balances and recent transactions – See current account activity for your checking, savings, credit card or loan accounts.
  • Pay bills – Add your bills and make one-time or recurring bill payments all in one place.[3]
  • Transfer funds – Transfer funds between eligible PNC accounts and external bank accounts.[4]
  • Set alerts[5] – Set up account and security alerts to monitor activity.

Learn more about PNC Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Manage your money in the PNC Mobile Banking App.[6]

  • Manage your Spend account when your balance is low– With Low Cash Mode®, you can use Intelligent Alerts, Extra Time and Payment Control to help you avoid overdraft fees.
  • Send money with Zelle®[7] Quickly send and receive money with people you know and trust.
  • Manage your cards – View and manage your PNC credit and debit cards. Make in store payments with a digital wallet of your choice.
  • Make deposits – Snap a picture of your check and deposit it without going to the bank.
  • Access an ATM without your card – Use your mobile device to perform transactions at certain PNC ATMs by requesting a one-time access code.[8]

Learn more and download the PNC Mobile Banking app

Take Advantage of PNC Card Features

Unlock these features with your PNC Visa® Debit Card to make payments simple and secure.

  • Earn cash rewards – Use PNC Purchase Payback®[9] to earn cash rewards based on where you like to shop, dine and have fun.
  • Misplaced your card – Use PNC Easy Lock®[10] to lock your debit card, keeping it from being used for new purchases or withdrawals.
  • Use digital payment options – Set up PNC Pay® on your eligible Android device[11] or another mobile wallet to make purchases online, in-app or in-store.
  • Make contactless payments – Pay in seconds without swiping or inserting your card at the checkout terminal.
  • With PNC’s Security and Privacy, you can be confident that your personal and financial information will be protected while using our technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Branch Changes Questions

Both physical facilities and digital banking channels continue to be part of our ongoing branch services.

  • Branch bankers are available to answer questions, help guide you through alternative ways to conduct banking transactions, and talk with you about your financial goals and needs.
  • You will have 24/7 access to approximately 60,000 PNC and partner ATMs[1] coast to coast to complete everyday transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and money transfers.
  • You can also check account balances, change your PIN and select specific cash denominations when withdrawing funds at a PNC Bank ATM. Your banker can show you how.
  • You have access to PNC Online Banking[2] and the Mobile Banking App[8] so you can bank when and how you want. For additional information please visit

  ATM Online Mobile
Check Balance
ATM Feature Available Online Feature Available Mobile Feature Available
Send Money to people you know and trust with Zelle[7]     Mobile Feature Available
Make Check Deposits[1,8] into your account  ATM Feature Available   Mobile Feature Available
Lock your cards with PNC Easy Lock[10]   Online Feature Available Mobile Feature Available
Receive Alerts[5]   Online Feature Available Mobile Feature Available
Earn Rewards with PNC Purchase Payback    Online Feature Available Mobile Feature Available
Make a Transfer[4] ATM Feature Available Online Feature Available Mobile Feature Available

Branches with VBMs (Video Banking Machines) support check cashing. Branches with ATMs only are not able to support check-cashing directly. You may still deposit cash or checks at the ATM and make withdrawals (subject to your funds availability). If you need direct check cashing services, visit to find a branch offering teller services or a VBM (Video Banking Machine).

How to locate a VBM (Video Banking Machine): 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your location information
  3. Select "View Branch Details"  
  4. From there, locate "Teller Hours" or "Video Banking Hours." If it offered at that location, both categories will populate. 


Your deposit is typically available on the first business day after your deposit is received. Your funds may be delayed, however, depending on the type of deposit and the amount of that deposit.

See when funds deposited to your Consumer Accounts will be available:

For more information on the circumstances under which a delay may occur, refer to the applicable Funds Availability Document:

There are several ways to make a PNC loan payment:

  • You can make your loan payments at a converted branch with a VBM (Video Banking Machine) working with the Video Teller.
  • Branch employees are able to process non-cash loan payments in the branch.
  • For cash payments at a converted branch without a VBM (Video Banking Machine), you can deposit cash at the ATM and then use Online or Mobile Banking to make your payment.
  • You may also use Online or Mobile banking to make loan payments when and where you want.

Cashier’s checks are still offered at converted branches.

  • Cashier’s checks can be purchased with cash by depositing funds at the ATM/VBM first, then a Banker can assist in issuing the cashier’s check
  • Customer can also use funds from their existing PNC account to purchase a cashier’s check

Cash deposits can be performed at PNC ATMs and VBMs (Video Banking Machines) at the converted branch.

Deposits to a SmartAccess card can be made by:

  • Set up direct deposit for your paycheck or government benefit payments and get access to your money right away. It's easy to complete PNC's Direct Deposit Form (or use one provided by your employer)
  • Fund your SmartAccess card at any PNC branch[12], PNC DepositEasy℠ ATMs[13], and at any participating Visa ReadyLink retail locations[14]
  • Transferring money from an eligible PNC checking or savings account using PNC Online Banking[3]

At the PNC ATM, you can withdraw cash in specific denominations based on the availability using Denomination Choice, a feature that lets you withdraw bills as low as $1 and $5. 

Coins will no longer be available at the converted branch. Coins will need to be obtained from a PNC branch that offers teller transactions. Visit to find teller hours within the Branch Details section.


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