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Virtual Wallet Student®

Checking. Savings.
No Monthly Service Fee.[1]

Three accounts - Spend (primary checking), Reserve (short-term planning), and Growth (savings) accounts - all rolled into one.

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Banking Built for students

A digital banking experience to keep your money organized while you’re in school.

What You Get

Spend – primary checking account

Reserve – short-term planning 

Growth – long-term savings account

What You Need to Know

As an active student with Virtual Wallet Student, you’ll have no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge for six years from the date of account opening.

At the end of the six years, your Virtual Wallet Student account will convert to Virtual Wallet and be subject to the Virtual Wallet Features and Fees in effect at that time. 

If you transfer this account to a different product or account type during the first six years, you will forfeit the benefits of the Virtual Wallet Student account and will not be able to transfer back to the Virtual Wallet Student account.[1]

Features and Fees
Account Agreement

Virtual Wallet Student Benefits 

Open a new Virtual Wallet Student and get certain benefits for up to six years, including:

  • No monthly service charge. [1]
  • One automatic courtesy refund of any Overdraft Item or Returned Item fees associated with the first overdraft event.[2]
  • One incoming domestic or international wire transfer per statement period at no charge.
  • Automatic enrollment for online statements and documents the first time you sign on to PNC Online Banking, and the option to choose paper statements at no charge.

Plus, still receive benefits standard to Virtual Wallet, like:

  • A PNC Bank Visa® Debit Card
  • Free Mobile[3] and Online[4] Banking to manage your money how and when you want.
  • Reimbursement of the fee for the first two domestic or international non-PNC Bank ATM transactions made on your Spend, Reserve or Growth accounts per statement period[5]
  • $5.00 reimbursement of other financial institutions’ ATM surcharge fee per statement period[5]
  • International Services including language interpretation. 

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Spend & Reserve Wisely

Wherever you’re headed, our flexible checking accounts can make your student journey a little easier.


See what's free to spend

Money Bar® and Free Balance can help you see how much is available to spend. 

Danger DaysSM can let you know when your Spend account is at risk of being overdrawn.


Plan your bills and expenses

On your Calendar, see upcoming paydays and payments and schedule bill reminders.

Use your Reserve account to set aside money for things you’ll need later.


Stay on track with budgets

See where you spend the most with categories like shopping, restaurants and more.

Create budgets and alerts to stay on track.

Grow Your Savings

A student savings account with tools to start saving for your future.

Automate your savings

Getting paid? Set up automatic savings rules to move money to your Growth account on a regular basis.

Make saving fun

If you have extra money and want to save it on the fly, use your piggy bank!

The amount is customizable and it will transfer to your Reserve or Growth account.

Work toward your goals

Start saving for the things you want and put money away for what you need.

Track your progress toward your goals.

Digital Banking

School can be difficult, but banking doesn’t have to be.

Manage your money with our Mobile[3] and Online Banking[4] tools. Virtual Wallet Student is available through our app or on the web from your desktop, tablet or phone, helping you plan your finances the way that’s most comfortable for you.

Send money with Zelle® »

Sending money is easy with Zelle and PNC. With just an email address or U.S. mobile phone number, you can quickly send money to people you know and trust, regardless of where they bank in the U.S.[6]


Mobile Check Deposit »

You can securely deposit checks using the phone or tablet app.[3]


Transfer Money »

Transfer money easily between your PNC accounts in Online Banking or the PNC Mobile app. You can also use Online Banking to transfer money between your PNC accounts and non-PNC accounts.[7]


Account Alerts »

Set up PNC Alerts to be notified of key activity on your PNC accounts such as your balances and important activity. When enrolled, parents can receive the same account alerts as students when balances are low.


Learn more about our Online and Mobile Banking tools »

Learn about your finances. Develop healthy habits. Make smarter decisions with your money.


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What Is Compound Interest and How Is It Calculated?

Compound interest can help savings grow faster or make borrowing more expensive. Understand what it is, how it’s calculated and how to use it to your advantage.

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Tips for Starting a Business While in College

Thinking about building a business while you’re in college? Here are some things to consider and ideas to help you start off on the right foot.

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Need More Info?

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

  1. Virtual Wallet Student has no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge for active students for six years from the date of account opening. You may be asked to provide proof of active enrollment in a qualifying educational institution. At the end of the six years, your account will be converted to Virtual Wallet and subject to the Virtual Wallet Features and Fees in effect at that time. If you transfer this account to a different product or account type during the first six years, you will forfeit the benefits of the Virtual Wallet Student account and will not be able to transfer back to the Virtual Wallet Student account. 

  2. Virtual Wallet Student accounts will receive an automatic courtesy refund of the fee for the first Overdraft or Returned Item event. (Spend account only) Although the fee may be refunded, the transaction will be considered an overdraft or nonsufficient funds (NSF) occurrence when determining any subsequent overdraft or NSF fee. You will be responsible for paying the overdraft balance.

  3. PNC does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking. However, third party message and data rates may apply. These include fees your wireless carrier may charge you for data usage and text messaging services. Check with your wireless carrier for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage or text messaging charges that may apply. Also, a supported mobile device is needed to use the Mobile Banking App. Mobile Deposit is a feature of PNC Mobile Banking. Use of the Mobile Deposit feature requires a supported camera-equipped device and you must download a PNC mobile banking app. Eligible PNC Bank account and PNC Bank Online Banking required. Certain other restrictions apply. See the mobile banking terms and conditions in the PNC Online Banking Service Agreement.

  4. Online Banking is free to customers with an eligible account; however there may be a fee for certain optional services. We reserve the right to decline or revoke access to Online Banking or any of its services. All online banking services are subject to and conditional upon adherence to the terms and conditions of the PNC Online Banking Service Agreement.

  5. In the event PNC determines that there has been fraudulent or excessive ATM usage on the account, PNC is not obligated to reimburse any related surcharge fees, and any related reimbursements must be repaid. Surcharge fees not identified within the transaction by the originating financial institution may not be reimbursed. Any fee reimbursements occur at the end of the statement period.

  6. Zelle should only be used to send or receive money with people you know and trust. Before using Zelle to send money, you should confirm the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile phone number. Neither PNC nor Zelle offers a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle. Zelle is available to almost anyone with a bank account in the U.S. Transactions typically occur in minutes between enrolled users. If the recipient has not enrolled, the payment will expire after 14 calendar days. See the PNC Zelle Terms of Use for additional terms and conditions.  Use of Zelle is subject to and conditional upon adherence to the terms and conditions of the PNC ZelleTerms of Use.  

  7. You may not make more than a total of six (6) transfers each statement cycle from a savings or money market account to other accounts (including transfers to another account for overdraft protection) or to third parties by check, through point-of sale purchase transactions or similar debit card transactions, by pre-authorized or automatic agreements, telephone, online or similar order payable to a third person. See your account agreement for more information. Other limits may apply to your account. Excessive transactions may result in your Savings or Money Market account being changed to a Standard Checking account, which will be subject to the features and fees as described in the Consumer Schedule of Service Charges and Fees in effect at that time.  We reserve the right to suspend enforcement of these transaction limitations, at our discretion.

  8. Visit to find a PNC or PNC Partner ATM near you where PNC customers can access money fee-free.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Virtual Wallet Student is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

Virtual Wallet is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

PNC has numerous patents/pending patent applications directed at various features and functions of Virtual Wallet.

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