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Explore the world by financing your travel with affordable monthly payments.[1]

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 Enrich Your Life & Have
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Time Away Should Help You Unwind,
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It can be expensive to travel – getting there, staying there, seeing what’s there. Let PNC help you experience the world without experiencing the stress.

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Benefits of a PNC Personal Loan

A PNC Personal Loan is an unsecured installment loan; it gives you access to the money you need without using your property as collateral.[1]

No Prepayment Penalty

No origination or application fees.

No Collateral Required

No collateral required for unsecured loans.

Choose Your Amount

Loan amounts between $1,000 and $35,000.

How a Personal Loan Can Help With Your Vacation

To choose your loan amount, you’ll need to determine your budget.

  • Lodging (hotels, airbnbs, hostels, bed & breakfasts)
  • Transportation (planes, trains, rental cars)
  • Food & drink
  • Attractions (tours, culture, nightlife)
  • Extra cash for unexpected expenses

Finance a Major Purchase Calculator

Calculate Financing Options for Your Vacation

Estimate the cost of your payment using our customizing payments tool.

Finance a Major Purchase

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Start Your Application Today

Once you know your budget, you can apply online, stop by a branch or call to get started.



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