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Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Webinar

Food and Beverage Industry 2023 Economic Outlook and Restaurant Payment Trends

The food and beverage sector has experienced significant challenges over the past few years. From supply chain issues and labor shortages to inflation and changing consumer expectations, businesses have been forced to take risks like never before. As small business owners continue to navigate these complex issues, opportunities for growth are still present.

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss what the industry can expect in the year ahead and explore how restaurants and retailers can use technology to optimize operations and streamline processes to enhance the customer experience.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
2:00-3:00 PM ET


Bethany Rivera, Sales Director, Specialty Business Banking, PNC Bank

Bethany Rivera is the Sales Director for PNC Specialty Business Banking, responsible for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and sales enablement for PNC's Specialty Banking teams. Bethany has been with PNC Bank for over twenty years.



Gus Faucher, Senior Vice President, Chief Economist, The PNC Financial Services Group

Gus Faucher is senior vice president and chief economist of The PNC Financial Services Group, serving as the principal spokesperson on all economic issues for PNC. Prior to joining PNC as senior macroeconomist in December 2011, Gus worked for 10 years at Moody's Analytics (formerly, where he was a director and senioreconomist.


Daymion Phelps, Vice President of Sales, Linga

Daymion Phelps is the Vice President of Sales for Linga, a point of sale (POS) and payments solutions division of PNC providing an industry leading, cloud-based restaurant operating system. Linga provides restaurateurs, retailers, and others, a way to leverage technology to streamline their operations, increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

Supporting Food, Beverage & Agribusiness

Agribusiness is an industry with unique banking needs due to cash flow seasonality and marketplace cycles, and keeping your cash flow consistent and predictable is necessary.

Whether you're manufacturing food or beverage products, transporting specialized agricultural products, wholesaling packaged goods or run an agribusiness, PNC has the products, services and experience to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we can help accelerate the collection of receivables, monitor and project cash, and improve the ways you make payments. We also offer a full suite of online tools and reporting for easy account analysis. 

Our Industry Experience


  • Grains & Oilseeds
  • Meats, Dairy, Eggs
  • Produce, Nuts
  • Packaged Food

Branded Food

  • Refrigerated
  • Shelf Stable
  • Savory Snacks
  • Confectionary


  • Beer, Wine, Spirits
  • Soft Drinks, Seltzer
  • Coffee, Tea
  • Juice, Water

Grocery & Retail

  • Large Format
  • Small Format
  • Club Stores

Food Service

  • Quick Service
  • Casual
  • Specialty
  • Full-service

11,000+ Customers

Supporting Food Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Transportation, Inputs, Processing

$612M in Deposit Balances

Enhanced by Treasury Management and Payments Capabilities

800 Banking Professionals

Trained to Understand and support Food Beverage and Agribusiness

What We Do

Let us help you power your progress. Talk to us about your operations, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there. Your PNC Business Banker will identify key components of your Food, Beverage & Agribusiness that affect your operating and capital investment cycle, and help you select the options best suited for your needs.

Help You Effectively Optimize Cash Flow

  • Accelerate receivables and optimize payables
  • Manage liquidity to maximize financial performance
  • Leverage digital tools for access and reporting

Offer Capital Solutions That Work for Your Business

  • Support you or your company's short and longer-term financing needs
  • Help you find appropriate solutions for your seasonal demands
  • Explore options for investing excess cash

Help You Mitigate Potential Risks To Protect Your Business

  • Offer solutions to mitigate interest rate risk and cash flow volatility
  • Provide tools to combat fraud

Offer Solutions for Your Personal Finances

  • Personal checking and credit card solutions
  • Investment and retirement planning
  • Mortgages for your home financing needs

Provide Benefits for Your Employees

  • Offer your employees a flexible approach to improving their financial health
  • Customized financial wellness program provides insight-based solutions, education and support

Award Winning Digital Experience

With PNC Online and Mobile banking you can connect to digital banking and bill payment, self-service account management, cash flow insights, mobile and remote deposit, payroll services, and more 24/7.

Greenwich Coalition, a leading global provider of strategic benchmarking, analytics and insights to the financial services industry, recognized PNC with the following 2021 Greenwich U.S. Small Business Banking Excellence and Brand Awards.

  • Cash Management - Digital Platform Design
  • Cash Management - Digital Product Capabilities
  • Cash Management - Overall Digital Experience

Cash Management - Overall Digital Experience Award

2021 Greenwich Excellence Awards
U.S. Small Business Banking

It All Starts With a Conversation

Talk to us about your business, where you want it to go, and how we can help you get it there.

Your PNC Business Banker will conduct a full cash flow conversation to identify key components of your operating and capital investment cycle, and help you select the options best suited for your needs. PNC offers a variety of solutions with features and benefits for the needs of your food, beverage or agribusiness.

News & Insights

Ideas to help you get the most out of your day and keep your business moving forward.

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Meeting the food needs of a world population estimated to be over 9 billion by 2050 will take a commitment by agriculture to reduce food waste and loss.

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Moving Forward: How Food and Beverage Companies Can Adapt

The food & beverage sector was severely impacted by pandemic disruption. Changes that took place will endure long term and will have a lasting impact.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Turn Food Industry Challenges into Opportunities

PNC's Delaney Howell discusses the food industry's unique challenges in the pandemic — and four ways small businesses can overcome them. 

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The Pandemic Pitfalls

How food and beverage companies adapted to COVID and used innovation to ensure the food supply remained available and in stock.

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BeeFree: Strengthening Real-Life Warriors

What began in Jennifer Wiese’s home kitchen as an effort to create delicious gluten-free foods for her son has grown into a national brand supporting people with autism.

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