For Seeing Your Money. Differently.

Life is busy, and it's hard to stay on top of everything — especially your money. Virtual Wallet dials down the pressure. It's a simple way to keep all your financial stuff in order and track it in one place.

You'll have three ways to group your money: one for everyday spending and bills, one for short-term savings, and another for long-term growth. Add in a bunch of features to organize and make things easier (online bill pay, overdraft protection, reminders, thousands of free PNC ATMs, alerts, quick transfer of funds, and a quick-view summary of your expenses) and you're all set.


You've Got the Money, We'll Handle the Time

This is not your average calendar. It's more like a digital assistant that simplifies your banking needs. You'll see everything in one place on a calendar view — what you're earning and your upcoming payday, what you're spending and when you spent it, your scheduled bill reminders and your upcoming payments. You can also see any impending Danger DaysSM and use Online Bill Pay, which means worrying less and making sure late payments don't happen again. Feeling better already, aren't you?

Bill Pay

Signed, Sealed, Paid in Full

Gone are the days of worrying about every bill and due date. With PNC Online Bill Pay, we'll help you stay on track. Bills are integrated with the Money Bar® and the Calendar, so you know how much money is set aside and when it's on the way out. You can schedule payments whenever you need to — or set up recurring, automatic payments for even less worry. And while the Calendar is one way to remind yourself of your obligations, we can also send you emails about upcoming due dates to keep you on top of things. You have enough deadlines. Go ahead and cross this one off.

Danger DaySM

Avoiding the Red Zone

It sounds scary, because, well, it is. We've all had those weeks when the bills outweigh the paychecks and due dates loom. Enter Danger Day. Color-coded in red (so you won't miss it), it shows up on your Calendar when your Spend account is at risk of being overdrawn. This way, you can keep ahead by moving money from Reserve or changing the day a bill is paid. Stay on time, every time.

Money Bar®

Fresh Perspective!

Get a bird's eye view of what your money's up to. The Money Bar puts it all into three categories: Scheduled Out (the money allocated for bills and other payments), Free (money that's available to spend), and Reserve (the money you've tucked away). It's our way of making everything clearer.

Once you've got a good idea of where everything is, you can make adjustments. Need extra money for date night? Got a little left over you want to put toward that vacation? Using the Slider, you can move money back and forth between Spend and Reserve with no effort. Managing your funds is literally in your hands.

Wish List

Goal Keeper!

What's the point of working hard if you're not treating yourself once in a while, right? The Wish List is where you'll set sights on the things you want and start saving. You can put money toward each item in your Reserve account, keep track of your progress, and transfer money to Spend when you've reached your goal. And you can give certain items priority. So if you really need a new fridge before that trip to Bora Bora, you can put money where it's needed.

And while we're on the subject, don't forget Reserve Items. They let you set aside money for future expenses and get a reminder on your Calendar. It's a great way to make sure you don't forget the important stuff.

Pace Yourself


It's easy for money to fly out the door, especially when you're having fun. Spending Zone's SpendologySM tools provide a simple way to see what you're spending your money on each month - and get a hold on it. Broken down into categories like Education, Restaurants, Gas and more, it allows you to set a budget for each. You can also opt to get handy reminder emails if you're close to maxing out your budget for any category. That way, you can hit the brakes before going over the edge.

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Savings Engine®

Money-Making Machine!

You can't always think about saving, especially when you're too busy spending. That's why we built the Savings Engine. It gives you three easy ways to put cash aside — even when saving is not exactly top-of-mind. With the Payday Savings rule, a predetermined amount will automatically transfer from Spend to Growth on days you've designated as pay days. Bill Pay makes it easy to transfer money to Growth whenever you pay a bill online from your Calendar. Punch the Pig® is an on-the-fly way to add money to Growth while you're banking online. Whether you use one or all three, we'll make sure your savings routine stays at full throttle.

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Punch the Pig®

Saving Some Bacon

The only thing more rewarding than saving money is having a little fun doing it. That's the idea with Punch the Pig. When you're banking online, just "punch" the piggy bank that pops up, and money (the amount of your choice) will transfer from your Spend account to your Growth account2. (That "punch" is a "shake" for smartphone users.) You're free to decide how often that pig pops up. Or, if you're the spontaneous type, we'll surprise you by throwing it out there at random moments. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Mobile Banking

Take It on the Road

Where's your mobile phone? Got it? Good. With Virtual Wallet, that's how far your bank is. PNC Mobile Banking lets you bank from your iPhone®, Android™ or other supported mobile device (tablet included), no matter where you are or what time it is. With the mobile deposit feature, you can even deposit money on the go.

If you don't have an iPhone or web-enabled device, don't worry: Text Message Banking still brings you your vital information.

Virtual Wallet Student

The Smart Money

Virtual Wallet Student brings you all the features of Virtual Wallet with some extras built especially for college life.

The Reimbursements feature allows you to highlight select transactions (books, lab fees, late-night snack runs) and send your parents an email showing how much you spent so they can pay you back.

If your parents are joint account holders, they can get Parent Alerts telling them when you're running low. They'll be able to transfer money to you at any time. It's a simple way for them to help keep your raft afloat while you're focused on all things academic.

And for a really easy way to send or receive money, Popmoney® lets you pay people or receive payments straight from your account — even by using an email or cell phone number.

Finally, if you attend a PNC Alliance school, your account will sport your school colors and you'll see important school events on your Calendar. Just one more way Virtual Wallet Student revolves around you.

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