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Our programs and services will help you to reduce costs and enhance the value of your brand to students, parents, alumni and employees. We take a focused approach towards financial education, helping students make the transition from home to college and beyond. And our enhanced employee benefits, at no additional cost, deliver extra convenience and security. Explore some of our services to see what makes PNC a valuable partner to your campus community.

Card Services

Increase the value of your university ID card while reducing the number of cards students and employees carry around campus. When linked to a PNC Bank checking account, faculty, staff and students can also use their pin-based ID card to withdraw cash at PNC ATMs and make purchases around campus – so they only need one card for daily activities such as:

  • Gaining access to campus buildings.
  • Buying books and supplies.
  • Paying for library services.
  • Doing their laundry.
  • Accessing their Meal Plan.
  • And more!

We also make it easy for you to implement card linking on your campus by employing the latest technology and working closely with you to plan and deliver this added safe and convenient service to your campus community.

Put your brand into your campus community's hands with a co-branded PNC Bank VISA debit card.

  • PNC will assist you in the process of designing and implementing a co-branded card that will comply with VISA standards and show off your school spirit.
  • By featuring your school's name and branding on a PNC Bank VISA debit card, your students, faculty, staff and alumni will show their school pride.

Retail Solutions

  • PNC Bank can place ATMs right on campus for convenient, fee-free access to funds for students, employees and PNC Bank customers.[1]
  • A range of ATM machines are available based on your campus' need; from basic cash dispensing units to advanced full-function models.
  • PNC's dedicated University Banking and ATM Relationship Managers will visit your campus and work closely with you to identify the best location(s), arrange for the delivery, and manage the installation and ongoing maintenance of the ATM machines.

Through our University Banking program, we take a consultative approach to developing the right banking solutions to support your needs based on your campus location, student population, and level of program participation. For example, your campus might be well positioned and you can provide your students, faculty and staff with the added convenience of an on-campus electronic banking facility, also known as an E-branch. An E-branch can be designed to offer full scale banking services or to provide customer service, and can be staffed with an on-site manager to assist customers with their banking needs. Talk with us today and we will begin to develop the right banking solutions for your students, faculty and staff.

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