Your Virtual Wallet® Guide

Get the most out of your digital banking experience.

Before You Get Started

 Understand Your New Accounts

Watch this quick video for an overview of your new Virtual Wallet tools.


Your primary checking account for everyday spending


For short-term planning (lets you set money aside)


Your interest-bearing savings account

Video: PNC Virtual Wallet Welcome

Enroll in Online Banking & Download the Mobile App

To access everything Virtual Wallet has to offer, you can enroll in Online Banking.[1].
It’s quick and easy, and you’ll be able to view your account details.

Visit the Customer Service tab within Online Banking to order checks, set account preferences, and more.

Download the PNC Mobile app and verify your credentials to get started

For banking on the go, download and use the PNC Mobile app.

 Download on the App Store  

Our app has many of the same key features as the online experience, plus:

  • You can deposit checks from your phone[2]
  • With just an email address or mobile phone number, you can quickly send money to people you know and trust, regardless of where they bank in the U.S. by using Zelle®[3]
  • Low Cash Mode® can help you avoid overdrafts on your Spend account
  • You can request a one-time PNC ATM access code - card not needed!
Enroll in PNC Online Banking
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Watch this video to learn how to use Zelle in the PNC Mobile app.

Video: Virtual Wallet Tools Zelle

Watch these videos to learn how to use Low Cash Mode.

Low Cash Mode Dashboard

Intelligent Alerts & Extra Time

Payment Control

Add Funds to Your Account

Select an account to deposit money to
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Next, add funds to your account to make the most of Virtual Wallet’s budgeting and bill pay features. You have a few funding options. You can:

  • Set up direct deposit
    • For direct deposit, you’ll need your account and routing numbers. You can find these numbers under Account Activity in PNC Online Banking or Account Actions in the PNC Mobile app.
  • Deposit a check from your phone using the PNC Mobile App[2]. PNC Express Funds gives you the option, for a fee, to make the full amount available immediately for withdrawals and purchases.[4]
  • Deposit checks or cash at a PNC Branch or PNC DepositEasy(SM) ATM. Find one near you.
  • Transfer money from another account[5]

Learn how you can deposit a check with your tablet or smartphone.[2]

Mark Your Calendar

This is the bill payment and cash flow hub for your Virtual Wallet. Here’s how to set it up:

Add your paydays

  • Set the amount and frequency of your paydays
  • Calculate what's left to spend after your bills

Add your bills and payments

  • Add your recurring bills for things like rent, internet and phones
  • Add pre-authorized payments for subscriptions or a mortgage
  • Track checks you've written until they're cashed

Plan ahead with Danger DayTM

  • Alerts you when your account might be overdrawn
  • Helps you make a transfer, deposit, or move a bill
Virtual Wallet Calendar
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View upcoming paydays, payments you've set up, transaction history and more on your Calendar.

Meet Your Money Bar®

Once you’ve set up your Calendar, you can get familiar with your Money Bar.
Money Bar can help you monitor your balance in your Spend and Reserve accounts.
Your money is separated into four different buckets:

Virtual Wallet Money Bar
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Scheduled Out

All the bills and expenses you've entered into your Calendar. These leave your Spend account before your next payday or in the next two weeks, whichever comes first.

Free Balance

How much you have left in your Spend account minus the bills and other expenses you have Scheduled Out.

Reserve Goals

The money you have set aside for the short term. You can keep this money in your Reserve or add it to a new Reserve Goal.

Reserve Savings Goals

Goals you've set for yourself to save money from your Reserve over time.

Watch this video to meet your Money Bar.

Budget & Save

Once your Calendar is ready and you know more about the Money Bar, there are a few other features you can set up to make the most of your new Virtual Wallet. 

Set Savings Goals

  • Create goals for your purchases and expenses
  • Set deadlines or add money at your own pace
  • Track your progress towards your goals

Add Savings Rules

  • Automatically transfer money to your Reserve or Growth accounts
  • Set the frequency, so transfers happen when you’re ready

Build Budgets

  • Budget by category
  • Track spending by month
Virtual Wallet Reserve Account
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Learn how Virtual Wallet can help you budget and save.

Did You Know?

If you ever misplace your debit card, you can use PNC Easy Lock® to stop new transactions.[6,7] 

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